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Movie Watch: Outside the Wire (2021)

The G-Shock and awe of Netflix's sci-fi military thriller starring Anthony Mackie.

Movie Watch: L.A. Confidential

The 50’s neo-noir styling includes some elegant period watches.

Adam Sandler’s Rolex Day-Date in Uncut Gems (2020)

Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems is spotted wearing a diamond-set Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date.

Movie Watch: The Irishman

The impeccably-styled Irishman is seen wearing a vintage Mathy-Tissot in Martin Scorsese's latest crime film.

Movie Watch: Le Mans ‘66

Unfortunately anachronistic, one of the watches worn in the heart-racing Le Mans ‘66 didn’t exist until the following decade.

Movie Watch: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Tag Heuer in ‘The Wolf of Wall...

At least when he wasn’t splashing millions on hookers and ‘ludes he had time to shop for sartorial highs too.

Movie Watch: Hobbs & Shaw

The real-life watch lovers are spotted wearing a Panerai and Rolex in the latest Fast and the Furious spin-off.

Movie Watch: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Tarentino’s latest film includes some iconic 60s watches.

Movie Watch: John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

What’s on the wrists of the stars of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum?

Movie Watch: Men in Black: International (2019)

Tessa Thompson's Agent M wears a colour-appropriate Hamilton Ventura in Men in Black: International.

Movie Watch: Bullitt (1968)

A military watch made famous by the 1968 action thriller film 'Bullitt'.

Movie Watch: American Psycho (2000)

Obsessed with success, status and style, psychopath Patrick Bateman needs a killer watch to match.

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