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Kerbedanz Tribute to USA

1. Kerbedanz Tribute USA Watch

Kerbedanz has dedicated its latest model, the Tribute USA, to the mighty United States. A beautifully decorated movement and three layers dial featuring its own micro sculpture are impressive, but flip it over to reveal the hand-engraved back depicting Mount Rushmore and four presidents to be really wowed.

Approximately £35,000;

2. McLaren Senna

Mclaren Senna

Billing itself as the ultimate road car, the McLaren Senna boasts the strongest monocoque the brand has ever built. Every body panel is crafted from carbon fibre, which also makes it the lightest road-legal McLaren since the F1 and results in even greater, slicker performance.

From £750,000;

3. Jarre Technologies AeroBull HD1 Wireless Speaker

Jarre Technologies AeroBull HD1 Wireless Speaker

There’s things you need and there’s things you want – and then there’s the super-sized AeroBull HD1 wireless speaker from Jarre Technologies. An essential it is not, but if there’s no place for a French bulldog speaker finished in chrome gold in your life, than we’re a little bit sad for you.


4. Cubitts Gold Spectacles

Cubitts Gold Spectacles

We’ve covered most of the things you need to know about in our bespoke issue, but don’t forget the accessories you wear every day. These elegant made-to-measure gold spectacles from Cubitts are created in Hackney, and, with over 89,000 possible combinations, you’re sure to find something you love.


5. Nobu Hotel Marbella

Nobu Hotel Marbella

© Charly Simon Photography

Opening its doors next month is the highly anticipated Nobu Hotel Marbella, which will undoubtedly become an immediate favourite for many. It’s all in the details, and when they include a roving mixology cart, private beach and easy access to the exclusive restaurant and nightclub, you can be sure you’re on to a good thing.

From approximately £260 per night;

6. Strom Nethuns II Diving Tourbillon

Strom Agonium Nethuns II Diving Tourbillon

Keep Strom watches on your radar: while the relatively young brand began by self-financing, they have recently started crowdfunding, offering investors the chance to become shareholders. With timepieces including this phenomenal Nethuns II Diving Tourbillon – which houses a flying tourbillon in a stunning titanium carriage – we reckon it’s a very interesting proposition indeed.


7. Lotusier Kyoto Sky Tea Humidor

Lotusier Kyoto Sky Tea Humidor

Discerning home lovers take note: the Lotusier Kyoto Sky Tea Humidor, which brilliantly combines luxury with functionality, is also an important piece of craftsmanship in its very own right.

From £9,390;

8. Franck Muller V50 Vanguard Tourbillon Minute Repeater

Franck Muller V50 Vanguard Tourbillon Minute Repeater

The Franck Muller V50 Vanguard Tourbillon Minute Repeater houses the extraordinarily intricate minute repeater complication in a stunning, entirely skeletonised movement.


9. Greubel Forsey Nano Foudroyante EWT

Greubel Forsey Nano Foudroyante EWT

A clean and deceptively simple face on the Greubel Forsey Nano Foudroyante EWT belies the complexity underneath. The brand has done extensive research into nano energy to produce this world-first, which utilises mechanical nano, resulting in less energy and space used and, therefore, better performance. Sounds complicated, looks great.


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