TGE (Tom Exton) Talks Wristwatch Wishlists and Grail Cars

Tom Exton TGE

What was the last watch you bought?

The incredibly bright Swatch Shades of Neon was the last thing I purchased, but my latest arrival is a Christopher Ward Bel Canto in green. I’m impressed with it to be honest. It was a spur of the moment buy, but I was lured in by the unique dial aesthetic, the use of titanium and optional bracelet, intriguing lack of outward branding, and of course that chime ‘complication’. All for entry level money.

Swatch Shades of Neon

Swatch Shades of Neon

Do you collect anything outside of watches?

Unfortunately, yes. I collect cars. It’s a way more slippery and financially aggressive slope I’ve found compared to collecting watches. It’s also logistically more of a pain, that’s before you get into restoring classics. Total hell. The things we do for love… I’ve got eight at the moment but the highlight has to be my Carrera GT. Bucket list stuff for me – V10 and manual.

What’s at the top of your wishlist?

I’d love a Romain Gauthier, either a Continuum or a Logical One this year, also a Greubel Forsey Balancier S. Let’s see which, if any, I can afford any time soon. I’ve also got my name in the hat for a 5740/1G. I’m actively looking for a bank to rob, so if I end up in prison, blame independent watchmakers.

What is a recent find or discovery?

Not something that’ll be of huge surprise to many, but I did pick up a full set ‘Schumacher’ Omega Speedmaster. It’s absolutely mint and was less than a Tudor. It’s also yellow, and in my opinion the perfect size. It comes in one of the coolest boxes ever; rare to find still with them but it’s made from an F1 tyre. Fun.

Greubel Forsey Balancier S

Greubel Forsey Balancier S

What inspires you?

I wouldn’t say that I’m inspired per se by much, instead I’m more motivated in a basic sense. That motivation mainly comes from overstretching myself financially at any given opportunity, and a long-term desperation to one day be able to ditch active work out of necessity, hopefully by the time that I breed.

What is a book, podcast or album that changed the way you think?

None of those necessarily apply, but I watched a couple of those pro vegan shows on Netflix. I wouldn’t say that they shifted my opinion, but definitely reconfirmed to me that eating endless meat day in day out is probably not the greatest idea. I’m aware they’re totally biased though. Still, there were some take homes.

What would we always find in your fridge?

No idea. I don’t really shop. I’m terrible. Oat milk, I guess.

Who is a celebrity of person of note that you admire?

Shallow answer but I think David Beckham always looks cool. That bloke does not miss.

Christopher Ward Bel Canto Green

Christopher Ward Bel Canto Green

What is your ideal long weekend?

In my garden, in the sunshine with my dogs and other half. I travel a lot and miss them when I do, so it’s a simple pleasure to be with them all messing around in the garden.

What is a rule or mantra that you live by?

‘Don’t be a dick’ – it works

What does the year ahead look like for you?

Lots of travel to various watch and car related jamborees, working with some amazing brands, including some F1, which is always fab. I’ll be concentrating too on expanding my various businesses for now, with a view to hopefully exiting in the not too distant future. Something has to help tick off that punchy wish list!

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  • This guy is a bit of a fraud with his fakeness, fake wealth (owns very little), living off freebies and promoting rubbish competitions to make himself rich.

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