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Face Time: Jacques Cousteau’s Watch Collection

The polymathic diving-icon’s watch collection is inextricably linked with the sea.

Movie Watch: The Hamilton Limited Edition Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO in Tenet...

A limited edition BelowZero from Hamilton created for Christopher Nolan's upcoming spy-fi thriller.

Face Time: John Legend

The timeless singer is an Audemars and Omega fan.

Movie Watch: The Seiko SKX007 in Devs (TV Mini-Series 2020)

The diver fills the screen for a good amount of air time and has a pivotal role in the mini-series' plot.

Watch Spotting: Jamie Vardy & His White Hublot Sang Bleu

The speedy striker's wristwear matches his personality perfectly.

Ranked: Michael Jordan’s Top Six Timepieces

If you've been binge watching Netflix's 'The Last Dance' you may have noticed MJ's impeccable wristwear.

Face Time: Stormzy

A Patek Philippe Aquanaut and rainbow-set Rolex are among the grime artist’s pieces.

Face Time: Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton's appreciation for watches goes beyond just strapping them to his wrist; the racer has turned his street style credentials to designing a version for himself.

6 Grime Rappers that Mention Luxury Watches

It’s not the most subtle of genres so don’t expect esoteric reference mentions.

Face Time: Virgil Abloh

The founder of Off-White and creative director at Louis Vuitton is also the man behind Drake’s blinged-out emerald-clad Patek Philippe.

Movie Watch: The Irishman

The impeccably-styled Irishman is seen wearing a vintage Mathy-Tissot in Martin Scorsese's latest crime film.

Face-Off: Jurgen Klopp Vs Pep Guardiola

Who will come out on top, on and off the pitch?

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