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Exploring Hollywood’s Favourite Dad Pedro Pascal’s Watch Collection

Pedro Pascal The Last of Us Watch

If you’re online at the moment then you won’t be able to avoid content centred around that fact that Pedro Pascal is giving the entire planet a Freudian complex based on the fact that A.) he is a very handsome man and B.) two of his most popular roles in TV are father figures. However, while The Mandalorian and The Last of Us are great, what’s even better are the many wristwatches Pascal has worn over the years. Pedro Pascal’s watch collection spans vintage to modern timepieces, showcasing his love for horology and adding sophistication to his appearance on and off-screen.

First up is a watch that the red carpet is obsessed with, the Cartier Santos de Cartier. In previous interviews Pascal has  gone so far as to list it among the top 10 things he can’t live without, which is some serious horological commitment. It’s certainly the perfect watch to match his aesthetic, with just the right mixture of ruggedness and refinement. The bold, square case matches his perfectly tousled hair and beard while the Art Deco dial leans into his playful side as well as his recent forays into haute couture following in the footsteps of fellow style icons like Harry Styles. Pascal actually owns two versions of the watch, one in steel and the other in 18k rose gold.

Pedro Pascal Cartier Santos de Cartier

His penchant for sporty watches continues into film as well. In Kingsman: The Golden Circle (an insane film about a mass murderer with a tendency to turn people into hamburgers) Pascal can be seen wearing the Tag Heuer Monaco, a racing chronograph famous for its square case and square subdials.

In The Last of Us he can be seen wearing a black tool watch that really stumped the watch spotting community for a long time. Some thought it was a damaged Timex, others thought it was a Lüm-tech. The answer? It’s a prop designed specifically for the show, as revealed by the design team once the conversation garnered some attention.

Pedro Pascal Rolex

One of Pascal’s most meme-able performances recently was in the film that is itself a giant meme: The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Pascal plays Javi, a billionaire playboy who invites Nick Cage (playing himself) to his birthday party. To emphasise just how rich Javi is, he wears a bi-metal Rolex Datejust with a silver dial.

There are many more as well. Another Datejust in Wonder Woman 1984, a Casio AE1200 in Triple Frontier and he’s also been seen sporting an Omega Seamaster at various award shows. Regardless of the project he might be working on, Pascal is instantly recognisable for his own brand of homely, handsome style, and his watches only enhance that.

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