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Jacob & Co. Create Bugatti Tourbillon Watch for Bugatti Tourbillon Supercar

Jacob and Co Bugatti Tourbillon

In one of the most confusing instances of naming in the entire industry, Bugatti’s latest hyper car is called the Tourbillon, named after the iconic horological regulator. On top of that Jacob & Co., Bugatti’s luxury watch partner, have released a tourbillon wristwatch in celebration of the launch of this new car also called the Bugatti Tourbillon. Meaning we have a bizarre situation where the Bugatti Tourbillon is named after the Bugatti Tourbillon which is named after the tourbillon in the Bugatti Tourbillon. I hope you could follow that because even I lost track and I’m the one who wrote it…

Jacob and Co Bugatti Tourbillon
Jacob and Co Bugatti Tourbillon

I’m of course hamming it up a little bit for the humour and to cut to the chase, what we have here is a luxury watch and a hyper car that have the same name. As we’re primarily a watch publication, we’re naturally going to talk about the car first. The Tourbillon is the latest generation of hyper car that can draw its lineage back to the legendary Veyron from 2005, the fastest production car in the world at its launch. Compared the Veyron or Chiron, the Tourbillon is sharper and more angular with a central fin running from the grill all the way to the rear lights.

Bugatti Tourbillon

It’s a menacing monster with a new, naturally-aspirated V16 engine that delivers 1,000 HP. Additionally, 3 electric motors provide a further 800 HP making it the most powerful Bugatti in history alongside hybrid driving capabilities. All of which can launch the car to 445 km/h (approx. 277 mph). Of more importance to watch enthusiasts is the fact that the instrument panel is analogue, constructed by Swiss horologists with over 600 components. It looks fantastic in motion – unless you blink and miss it.

Jacob and Co Bugatti Tourbillon

Speaking of things that look fantastic in motion, let’s shift focus from the Bugatti Tourbillon to the Bugatti Tourbillon. The Jacob & Co. version, that is. It’s a very different beast in comparison to previous collaborations like the Chiron. It has a kite-like shape measuring 52mm x 44mm x 15mm in black PVD titanium. Across the top of the watch are three subdials. On the left is the titular tourbillon, in the centre is a retrograde hour and minute display and on the right is a retrograde movement power reserve and automaton power reserve display.

Jacob and Co Bugatti Tourbillon
Jacob and Co Bugatti Tourbillon

The automaton power reserve is in reference to the mechanism that occupies the majority of the watch’s area, a working V16 engine block automaton made from transparent sapphire crystal. When activated the delicate crank shaft spins and the 16 cylinders fire in a mimicry of the actual car’s engine. No attention to detail has been spared and it even includes the exhaust manifolds.

Jacob and Co Bugatti Tourbillon Caseback

As for movement specs, it’s the JCAM55 with manual winding and a 48-hour power reserve. It’s visible through the exhibition caseback, which is skeletonised in a manner reminiscent of the car’s rear window. The automaton power reserve lasts for 20 activations, with each activation lasting 20 seconds – meaning the car can go from roughly 0-200 mph before the action ends as it has a 0-248 mph time of 25 seconds.

All that remains is price and availability and the Jacob & Co. Bugatti Tourbillon is limited to 150 pieces at $340,000 (approx. £269,000). Interestingly J&C. have stated that total production for the model will never exceed 250 as that’s the number of cars Bugatti aim to produce, meaning there are 100 unaccounted for watches. So, expect this in other colours and materials in the future. If you are wondering, the car itself is a cool £3.2 million.

Price and Specs:

Model: Jacob & Co. Bugatti Tourbillon
Case: 52mm height x 42 width x 15mm thickness, titanium with black PVD coating
Dial: V16 engine automaton with blue subdials
Water resistance: 30m (3 bar)
Movement: JCAM55, manual winding, 557 parts
Frequency: 21,600 vph (3 Hz)
Power reserve: 48h
Functions: Retrograde hours, minutes, power reserve, automaton power reserve, tourbillon
Strap: Black rubber
Price: $340,000 (approx. £269,000)

More details at Jacob & Co.

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