Aficionado: The Coolest Things in the World Right Now (Nov ’19) - Oracle Time

Aficionado: The Coolest Things in the World Right Now (Nov ’19)

L’Epee 1839 X The Unnamed Society Revolver Table Clock

Revolver 8-Day Table Clock from L'Epee 1839 and The Unnamed Society
Even without MB&F leading the design, L’Epee isn’t exactly lacking for creativity. The avant garde clockmaker’s latest though is incredibly cool, even by its high standards. Created in partnership with The Unnamed Society – a small circle of anonymous celebrities – this is the Revolver Table Clock. Each gun-turned-timekeeper is unique, with grip and engraving made to order, fully loaded with exotic leathers, gems, you name it. Just don’t go waving it about. Intrigued?

The Unnamed Society at for more information and pricing.

Pure Pod’s Kiwi Glamping

PurePods, New Zealand

Ever wanted to just… get away from it all? It sound appealing until you start missing your double bed. The Lindis Lodge in New Zealand has hit the sweet spot with its glamping pods, complete with a stunning mirrored design to blend into the dramatic landscape. They’re not exactly a suite at the Ritz, but the view is far, far more spectacular.

Starting from NZD 2,000 a night. Book at

Ulysse Nardin X Devialet Hourstriker Phantom Watch

Ulysse Nardin X Devialet Hourstriker Phantom Watch

There are a fair few chiming watches out there now, but if there’s one brand you expect to understand the kind of acoustics involved it’s an audio specialist rather than a watchmaker – which is why Ulysse Nardin enlisted French speaker-maker Devialet for the Hourstriker Phantom. With design inspiration from the flagship Phantom speaker and a new striking system, it’s a seriously cool piece of haute horology that leans on both audio engineering and watchmaking in (almost) equal measure.

Price: CHF 72,500, available from

Kinetik Automotive Kinetik 07 Electric Car

Kinetic Caterham Seven Electric Car

Take the insanely fun Caterham, add a fully electric powertrain and cut the weight by a noticeable percentage. If that sounds like the recipe for one of the most viscerally exciting automotive toys around then you’ll be looking forward to this: the Kinetik 07. Built by Bulgarian manufacturer Kinetik Automotive, you’re looking at a 62mph sprint in 2.7 seconds. Have fun.

More details at

Charles Heidieck’s Tasting Table

Charles Heidieck's Tasting Table

You can’t just open something like a rare jeroboam of Charles Heidsieck without a little pomp and ceremony. It’s a good thing their stunning tasting table – wincingly-dubbed the JeroboGem – has more than a little pomp. Beautifully crafted from French oak with a touch of gold and with an inbuilt stand to help you pour the hefty bottle, it’s an object to shoot your sparkling sampling sessions into the stratosphere.

Price: £12,000,

Get Your Kicks

Vans Static CC MTE Sneaker

Looking for some winter sneakers? Vans have you covered with the Static CC MTE, a more rugged version of the brand’s already hard-wearing Mountain Edition. The weather-treated suede adds a touch of class in natural colours to suit the whole elemental vibe Vans are going for. Comfort, style and practicality… who says you can’t have it all?

Price: £140, available at

LINN Series 3 Wireless Speaker

‘The world’s best wireless speaker’ is a hell of a title given how many there are claiming sonic perfection, but we’re inclined to give Linn the benefit of the doubt. The British audio specialist’s Series 3 may look like the cross-section of a hard-boiled egg, but its heritage is second-to-none. Hand-built past Hadrian’s Wall, the Series 3 is compatible with any streaming service you care to name and, whichever you choose, it with fill the room with impeccably clean, natural sound.

Price: £2,950 for one and £5,450 for a system, available at

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