Aficionado (January 2020): The Coolest Things In The World Right Now

In the Red

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari UNICO Carbon Red Ceramic

© Laurent Xavier Moulin

Hublot’s 2020 offerings may be all about its impressive new bracelets, but this particular edition of the Big Bang has far more going for it, horologically speaking. Aside from the bright red case in high-tech ceramic, the seven barrels you can see on the dial side give it a 14-day power reserve. God knows how long it takes to wind.

Price: $86,000, limited to 100 pieces

More details at Hublot’s website.

A Serious Makeover

NOVITEC McLaren 720S Spider

How do you push the McLaren 720S to new heights? Go to NOVITEC. The German tuning company has taken it upon itself to do better than the manufacturer, with improved specs across the board for its incredible new 720S N-LARGO Spider, creating a 794bhp piece of insanity. Prices are yet to be announced, but we’d be surprised if it sets you back less than £250,000.

More details at Novite Group’s website.

Better with Age

Royal Salute 52-Year-Old Whisky

The latest limited edition from prestige whisky maker Royal Salute is everything its extensive reserves might suggest, with the youngest dram clocking in at 52 years old. The youngest. It’ll set you back around £24,000, but for that you get syrupy pears, marmalade, cloves, liquorice and an almost unending, creamy finish. Plus the decanter is something special.

More details at Royal Salute’s website.

Vision of the Future

There was a lot to look at at CES, epic electronics show that it is, but this is one you couldn’t miss. Developed in collaboration with Avatar – you know, Pocahontas with Smurfs – Mercedes-Benz’s concept car, the Vision AVTR, is designed as a paragon of electrical efficiency with an output of 350 kW. That it looks like the mainframe of Tron landed on Pandora is just a side-benefit.

More details at Mercedes’ website.


BAPE x Seiko ABC Camo Mechanical Diver Watch

After its last streetwear-inspired collaboration saw queues around the block as every BAPE store rushed to stock it, it was only a matter of time before the streetwear giant and Japanese watchmaker came together for another camo-dressed Seiko. This time the Prospex is in a black and grey colourway for a stealthier look, though there’s no chance this is going under the radar. Best get in line now…

More details at BAPE online’s website.

Space-Age Sound

Cabasse La Sphère Speaker

At 1.4m tall and dressed in Nasa-level aerospace materials, the Cabasse La Sphère looks more like a space probe than a speaker. It’s not all for looks of course; for the full £197,500 retail price you get absolute linear phase, optimum impulse response and perfect spatial coherency. Put in simpler terms, go give it a listen (it’s now in stock at Harrods) and it’ll blow your mind.

More details at Cabasse’s website.

Naturally clear

iFi Aurora

When our resident Old Fart describes something as “the best-looking all-in-one/tabletop/wireless system yet”, it’s worth paying attention to. At £1,399 the Ifi Aurora is an accessible piece, but you get immersive, fully-scalable sound in a package inspired by Japanese architecture and natural bamboo. It sounds as good as it looks, and that’s saying something.

More details at Ifi Audio’s website.

Drink like a Russian

L’Orbe Vodka x Caviar

Even if you’re not an oligarchical oil baron the least you can do is drink like one, with L’Orbe’s latest exclusive tipple. Combining vodka and caviar into one, thankfully subtle drink, expect a crystal-pure spirit with a slight kick of the sea, with surprising hints of nuts and butter. At £115 (available from Fortnum & Mason) just make sure you don’t waste it on a vodka and coke.

More details at L’Orbe’s website.

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