Spike Lee 'Cool Hand Brooklyn’ Daytona

From the dramatized biography of the most influential Afro-American campaigner since Martin Luther King Jr to Josh Brolin braining gangers with a hammer, Spike Lee’s repertoire is nothing if not varied – and the director, writer, producer and actor has added yet another string to his hefty bow.

Spike Lee 'Cool Hand Brooklyn’ Daytona

Created by Rolex customisation specialists Les Artisans de Genève, the ‘Cool Hand Brooklyn’ Daytona has been entirely designed by Spike Lee in honour of his home city of New York. It’s more than just a quick paint job in the colours of Lee’s basketball team though. The entire case has been drastically altered with slimmer lugs, now crown guards and simpler pushers.

Spike Lee 'Cool Hand Brooklyn’ Daytona

The small mods add up to an entirely new – and damn good-looking – take on the watch made famous by the inimitable Paul Newman, of whom Lee is obviously a fan. You don’t need a loupe to see the homage to Cool Hand Luke.

Spike Lee ‘Cool Hand Brooklyn’ Daytona

The Cool Hand Brooklyn is a limited edition of 40 pieces with a pre-order price tag of 39,150 CHF. For more info, visit Les Artisans de Genève’s website.


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