Sustainable Is Stylish Thanks to Sirplus’ Ceramic Print Ecovero Cuban Shirt

A flamboyant, camp- collared Cuban shirt is an absolute necessity for a warm British summer, holidays on the Riviera, pretty much anywhere and anywhen the sun shines. They’re breezy, comfortable and, especially in this case, an eye- catching style statement.  The Sirplus Ceramic Print Ecovero Cuban Shirt from sustainable sartorial label SIRPLUS is covered in a jazzy ceramic print in greens, browns and faded terracottas against a blue background. It’s unmissable without being too in-your-face, a solid everyday print. The secret to the shirt though is what the design is actually printed onto. In typical eco-friendly fashion, SIRPLUS has used ECOVERO, a fabric made using wood and pulp.

While it doesn’t have the sexiest of base materials, the result is an elastic textile, thin and springy, just what you want in a lightweight summer shirt. Paired with the material’s innate sustainability, the Ceramic Print Ecovero Cuban Shirt is yet another feather in SIRPLUS’ environmentally thoughtful cap. Pair with navy chinos and a chore jacket for a versatile, everyday look or go full Cuban with stone- coloured linen trousers and a matching Panama. Either way, this contemporary ‘guayabera’ Caribbean shirt is a cool addition to your wardrobe in more ways than one.

Price: £125, available at Sirplus.

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