Oracle Recommends: Style Products for October 2023

Roderer, $135 (approx. £105)

Roderer Sunglasses

James Aviator Polarised Sunglasses Roderer is a menswear specialist focusing on high quality essentials for the modern man. These are the James Aviator Polarised Sunglasses handcrafted from stainless steel in the classic aviator style, which suits occasions of all types from formal to casual. There are five different finishes available including silver, gunmetal, green, rose gold and black, allowing for plenty of choice when it comes to perfecting your personal style. Additionally, it comes with a leather style case, travel pouch and cleaning cloth.

Available at Roderer.


Skydiamond Necklace

Skydiamond is the ultimate symbol of 21st century love. Each diamond is made from carbon recycled from the atmosphere, meaning it shows love for the planet in equal part to the love you have for your partner. Introducing Skydiamond’s modern set solitaire pendants, which range from a 0.07ct modern set white gold pendant for £440 to a 1ct pendant for just under £9,000 – all set within 100% recycled golds and platinum. Each piece is totally unique as each Skydiamond is itself unique.

Available at Skydiamond.

Berluti Bagage Toile Marbeuf Travel Bag, £3,050

Berluti Bagage Toile Marbeuf Travel Bag

The Bagage Toile Marbeuf is Berluti’s canvas travel bag featuring an intricate script pattern with a soft cotton lining and robust Venezia Palmelato leather bottom and handles. It measures 56cm x 32cm x 19.5cm giving you plenty of storage space. Plus, there’s an interior zipped pocket, mobile phone pocket, shoehorn pocket and a flat pocket. If the travel bag variant isn’t for you, there’s also a rolling suitcase, backpack, satchel and messenger bag.

Available at Berluti.

Hockerty Custom Coat, Approx. £199-£640

Hockerty Custom Coat

Hockerty brings your personal style to the fore with its new line of custom coats. The new collection allows you to choose from a wide variety of bespoke designs and materials to craft the perfect piece of outerwear for you. Cashmere, premium Italian wool and alpaca in blue, grey, black or signature patterns make for a versatile base from which to start making design choices such as lapel style, length, fit, pockets and more. It’s a very granular system that puts you in control.

Available at Hockerty.

Crockett & Jones Islay Boots, £530

Crockett & Jones Islay Boots

The Islay are Crockett & Jones’s full brogue Derby boots in rough-out suede. They have a robust, worn aesthetic that make them look like the go anywhere, do anything kind of footwear, which they are with storm-welts for waterproof connections between the uppers and thick rubber soles. The Islay even has Hollywood screen credits in 2012’s Skyfall where it was seen tackling the Scottish Highlands.

Available at Crockett & Jones.

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