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Sequent SuperCharger2: The Infinite Battery Smartwatch

Sequent SuperCharger2 SmartwatchSmartwatches are a pain. They’re useful of course; plenty of us have integrated them into our lives as closely as a smartphone. They just don’t last all that long. Constantly worrying that you’ll be left digitally adrift should you stray from a charger doesn’t exactly put your mind at ease. Well, worry no more. Sequent’s SuperCharger2 has you covered.

Sequent’s concept is simple, so much so that you wonder why no-one has ever tried it before: you take all the electrical, wearable tech of a smartwatch and hook it to the rotor of an automatic watch. Now, rather than a self-winding watch you suddenly have a self-charging smartwatch.

Sequent SuperCharger2 Smartwatch

It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? But nope; rather than constantly being on the lookout for a coffee shop to charge at, you can just keep walking, and topping up the SuperCharger2’s battery with clean kinetic energy. That’s what makes it the most advanced hybrid smart watch ever built.

Sequent SuperCharger2 Smartwatch

That eternal self-sufficiency would be enough to make it a hit – it’s what netted Sequent a Red Dot Design Award earlier this year -but it’s not enough for Sequent. When you link the watch to the Sequent Biofeedback app for all your digital needs, you can start generating cryptocurrency. These “SQ Coins” then be used in the future for new stuff from Sequent.

Sequent SuperCharger2 Smartwatch

Hammering home the sustainability angle, the 41.5mm stainless steel case is fitted with a strap made from recycled ocean plastics. It’s not going to save the world, but every little helps.

Sequent SuperCharger2 Smartwatch
Smartwatches aren’t going anywhere and the SuperCharger2 proves they are getting more advanced, efficient and sustainable than ever. No charger needed; no battery needed. Just seamless wearable technology – just as it should always have been.

As of today the Sequent SuperCharger2 is available over at with prices starting from $179.

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Price & Specs:

Model Name: Sequent SuperCharger2
Case/Dial: 41.5mm diameter x 12.3mm height, stainless steel
Water Resistance: 50m (5 bar)
Movement: Automatic Self-Charging
Strap: Fabric
Price: Starting from $179

More details at

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