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Rolex Tease New Releases for Watches and Wonders 2024

Rolex New Releases 2024

Rolex have released a video teasing their new 2024 releases due to be announced in full on April 9th. The internet has immediately fallen over itself trying to identify what the teased watches could possibly be. Watch the teaser below (at the bottom of this article) and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Here are our thoughts on the teaser – how close do you think we are?

1908 Guilloché Dial

Rolex New Releases 2024 Guilloche Dial

The most striking visual in the video is the scale pattern guilloché dial timepiece. History tells us that Rolex often introduce patterned dials to the Datejust collection like the fluted motif from 2021. However, we can immediately throw out that prediction because the hand is missing the central stripe of lume and also the edge of an applied Arabic numeral can be seen. These two features lead us towards the 1908, the classy dress watch introduced just last year. It would certainly be a bold expansion to the new line.

Milgauss Yellow Gold

Rolex New Releases 2024

The return of the Milgauss is something a lot of Rolex fans want to see and there is an indication that it might be on the cards. There’s a shot of a yellow gold watch on an Oyster bracelet facing away from the camera. While the bracelet is nice, our attention is on the fact that the watch seemingly has a steel caseback despite being gold. All the yellow gold watches in Rolex’s current range, including the tool watches like the submariner, have matching gold casebacks. However, the Milgauss is famous for having a specific double caseback to boost its anti-magnetic resistance.

36mm/41mm Full Gold Datejust

Rolex New Releases 2024

Currently, at 36mm and 41mm the Rolex Datejust is only available in steel and bicolour (what Rolex call Rolesor). However, one of the teaser images suggests that a full gold variant is on the way. You can see from the crown, which has no guards and features two dots below the logo that it is either a Datejust, Day-Date or Sky-Dweller. Something which is supported as well by the glimpse of a cyclops lens visible over the top of the fluted bezel. As there are already full gold renditions of the Day-Date and Sky-Dweller, it only makes sense for it to be a Datejust otherwise there is literally nothing new in the image.

Coke GMT-Master II

Rolex New Releases 2024

Between the clean lines of the lugs, the jubilee bracelet and what is clearly a rotating bezel, it appears evident that a new GMT-Master II is on the way. There’s not much from the image to suggest what specific elements of the watch are new, it’s even difficult to say whether it’s steel or white gold. So realistically it could be one of several things such as the first white gold GMT-Master II on jubilee (the current ones are only on oyster bracelets). However, a more hype release would be the return of Coke GMT-Master II, which currently doesn’t exist in any form in Rolex’s range.

Do you agree with our predictions? What else have you spotted in the Rolex new releases 2024 teaser video? Let us know in the comments.

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