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Oracle Recommends: Tech Products for May 2023

Mosso Moto ME650 Smartwatch, US$155

Mosso Moto ME650 Smartwatch

Mosso Moto produces accessible smartwatches designed for everyday use, featuring an AMOLED touch screen and wireless charging via its base. As a smartwatch, it has virtually every function you could possibly want including exercise records, 29 sport modes, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, remote photography, music control and more. That’s in addition to all the regular functions that might be found on a watch such as a stopwatch. It’s the ideal daily companion through life.

Available at Mosso Moto.

Sonus Faber Omnia Wireless Speaker, £1,599

Sonus Faber Omnia Wireless Speaker

Latin for ‘prepared in all things’ – is Sonus Faber’s big, all-in-one loudspeaker system that connects wirelessly to whatever digital player you have to hand, whether that’s your in-home streaming set-up or your phone. These types of things are designed more for ease of use than pinnacle clarity, but it’s hard to find just where that supposedly inevitable compromise is within the Omnia. It takes all the best features of Sonus Faber audio systems and distils them into a single beautiful speaker.

Available at Premium Sound, more details at Sonus Faber.

Lumi Therapy Recovery Pod Ice Bath, from £125

Lumi Therapy Recovery Pod Ice Baths

The health benefits of cold water immersion are well documented, however the practicalities of creating an ice bath at home can make it difficult – if you’ve ever tried to fill a bath tub with ice from the freezer you’ll know what we mean. That’s where the Lumi Therapy Recovery Pod Ice Bath comes in, it has been specially designed to be portable – allowing you to place it either indoors or outside easily – and has great insulative properties ensuring cold temperatures for extended periods. Even cold tap water can maintain a chilly 15°C. Although if you want to go full Wim Hoff, you can add as much ice as you want.

Available at Lumi Therapy.

Jura Giga 10 Coffee Machine, £3,450

Jura Giga 10 Coffee Machine

Giga 10 is Jura’s premium automatic coffee machine and is capable of making an astonishing 35 types of speciality coffee, making it a market leader in terms of drink customisability and options. It operates with a dual ceramic grinder set-up that means you can have multiple blends on the go at the same time. For example you might use one for a dark roast espresso while the other has a medium roast for a white coffee.

Available at Jura.

Qobuz Music Streaming Platform, from £10.83/month

Qobuz Music Streaming Platform

Qobuz are a music steaming platform available on desktop and mobile dedicated to curating a complete audio experience for audiophiles. As such, in addition to producing their own music-centred magazine, they utilise the highest quality audio files possible – pushing beyond simple MP3s to CD-quality 16 bit/44kHz and 24-Bit Hi-Res. They were the first streaming service worldwide to offer music in this quality.

Available at Qobuz.

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