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Tech Products for March 2024

Qysea Fifish E-Go, ($7,350 (approx. £5,825)

Qysea Fifish E-Go

Qysea are one of the leading underwater drone and remotely operated vehicle manufacturers, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with underwater robots. The Fifish E-Go is a professional grade underwater device with modular accessories such as camera, lighting and battery. Designed for industrial use surveying wildlife, investigating salvage, inspecting ships from below, it also provides the relaxing pleasures of exploring the depths from safety. It has a standard operating depth of up to 100m with an optional upgrade to 200m.

Available at Qysea.

Gopro Hero12 Black, £399

Gopro Hero12 Black

GoPro’s HERO12 Black is their best HERO camera to date with amazing 5.3K and 4K quality with HyperSmooth 6.0 video stabilisation and a 177° field of view (when used in conjunction with the Max Lens Mod 2.0). And, of course, it’s durable as anything with a 10m depth waterproof rating and a hydrophobic lens cover to ensure crystal clear images underwater. In many ways GoPro have redefined the adventure camera market and with models like the HERO12 Black, they continue to push further.

Available at GoPro.


Qobuz Music Streaming Platform

Qobuz are a music steaming platform available on desktop and mobile dedicated to curating a complete audio experience for audiophiles. As such, in addition to producing their own music- centred magazine, they utilise the highest quality  audio files possible for the 100 million+ songs they have available, so that you can listen to them the way the artists and recording engineers intended. Plus, with their download purchases system, you can own still own your music collection and tailor it to your preferences. From £10.83/month.

Available at Qobuz.

Aktiia 24/7 Blood Pressure Monitor, £199.99

Aktiia 24 7 Blood Pressure Monitor

In this modern age we know more about health and fitness than ever before, so it makes sense to avail yourself of this knowledge. The Aktiia 24/7 Blood Pressure Monitor is a clinically validated device that will record important data about your blood pressure throughout the day and night. The device has had over 18 months of development and is proven to assist with managing conditions such as hypertension. The device uses a ceramic housing for the monitor and a silicon rubber strap.

Available at Aktiia.

Noble Audio Fokus Prestige, $599 (approx. £400)

Noble Audio Fokus Prestige

Noble Audio have taken their beloved bespoke Prestige line of In Ear Monitors to Bluetooth. The FoKus Prestige is a premium Bluetooth earphone meant for enjoying your music at the highest quality on the go. It features a triple- driver configuration, which helps to reproduce music as it was intended to be heard. The 8.2mm dynamic driver delivers powerful bass while the two Balanced Armature drivers produce beautiful mids, and clean highs.

Available at Noble Audio.

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