Maurice Lacroix’s AIKON #tide Makes an Impact Visually and Environmentally

Maurice Lacroix AIKON #tide

Upcycled materials are becoming ever more important in the world of watchmaking and while there are certainly more wasteful industries out there, the horological world’s willingness to embrace environmentally friendly practices is nothing short of inspiring. The latest to join that socially conscious group of watchmakers is Maurice Lacroix – but while many a brand has done only slightly more than paid lip service to the environment, the Swiss watchmaker has gone all in with the AIKON #tide.

The AIKON collection is Maurice Lacroix’s flagship, a chunky, sporty watch built as a visually- striking daily wearer, and in the new #tide that impact hits new heights with a veritable shockwave of colour. Well, you’d want all your good work to stand out, wouldn’t you?

Bright doesn’t begin to describe the rainbow on offer. Blue, green, yellow and orange case and dials are combined with a black bezel, while paler, pastel colours (and a phenomenal fuscia) incorporate bright flashes of white. With a total of 10 variations, they breathe new life into the AIKON collection – and those feel-good looks are echoed in their construction.

#tide Ocean Materials

#tide is a specialist in reclaiming and upcycling plastic waste in the ocean, cleaning the water and repurposing the material to ensure that no more ends up where it’s not wanted. The plastic bottles (specifically from around Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines) are broken down, repurposed into a useable format and sent on. It’s the kind of initiative every major brand should be supporting

Last year Christopher Ward released their own wave-dialled take on an upcycled watch. Yet where theirs included a disappointingly small amount of recycled material, a disc on the caseback, Maurice Lacroix have gone all-in. The bezel, case, caseback, crown and buckle are all made from #tide recycled material – hence the incredible colours.

Maurice Lacroix AIKON #tide ref. AI2008-50050-300-0

The benefits though are more than ‘just’ helping rid the oceans of plastic waste. The raw material is mixed with glass fibre, resulting in a composite twice as hard as standard plastic and five times more resistance to damage. The carbon footprint is obviously significantly lower, but even without that feel-good fact, it makes for a superior breed of composite-cased timepiece.

The Maurice Lacroix AIKON #tide is designed to make a splash, that’s for sure. But it’s not just a flash in the pan for Maurice Lacroix. In launching their collaboration with the charity, they’ve committed to reclaiming 10 million plastic bottles. Given that it takes 17 of them to make each AIKON #Tide… well, I’ll let you do the maths. There will be plenty of these eye- catching watches available in coming years.

Maurice Lacroix AIKON #tide light green and light blue dial
Maurice Lacroix AIKON #tide ref. AI2008-EEEE1-3A0-0

Granted, the number of bottles needed will go up significantly when, later this year, the Maurice Lacroix AIKON #tide will have a matching upcycled bracelet to go with the case, but it’s still going to be a significant amount of watches.

So whether you’re an eco-warrior in search of a statement watch or, like us, can’t help but love a bright yellow-cased and -dialled timepiece, the Maurice Lacroix AIKON #tide demands your attention. And the attention of anyone within half a mile.

Price & Specs:

  • Model: Maurice Lacroix AIKON #tide
  • Reference: AI2008-60060-300-0 (yellow dial, black rubber strap)
    AI2008-50050-300-0 (orange dial, black rubber strap)
    AI2008-80080-300-0 (blue dial, black rubber strap)
    AI2008-70070-300-0 (green dial, black rubber strap)
    AI2008-00000-300-0 (black dial, black rubber strap)
    AI2008-CCCC1-3A0-0 (light green dial, white rubber strap)
    AI2008-EEEE1-3A0-0 (light pink dial, white rubber strap)
    AI2008-AAAA1-3A0-0 (light blue dial, white rubber strap)
    AI2008-FFFF1-3A0-0 (dark pink dial, white rubber strap)
    AI2008-BBB11-300-0 (white dial, white rubber strap)
  • Case/dial: 40mm diameter x 12.4mm height, case made from ocean-bound upcycled plastic combined with glass fibre, varied coloured dials with “vagues du Jura” finish
  • Water resistance: 100m (10 bar)
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date at 3 o’clock
  • Strap: Black or white rubber
  • Price/availability: €690 (for black rubber strap editions and white dial, white rubber edition), €850 (for white rubber strap editions)

More details at Maurice Lacroix.

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