MAD Paris “Grand Fleur” Royal Oak Watch

MAD Paris “Grand Fleur” Royal Oak

Audemars Piguet‘s Royal Oak is a shy, retiring little watch, one you’d hardly really notice unless someone pointed it out. It needs all the help it can get in making sure people see its massive octagonal case and bold, industrially-inspired visible screws. Fortunately, MAD Paris have taken it upon themselves to help improve that wallflower image with some hefty engraving.

MAD Paris “Grand Fleur” Royal Oak

The engraving in question isn’t light either; it’s known as Grand Fleur and you’ll probably have seen it before. Think Palace of Versailles and you get the kind of opulence the watch customiser is going for. There’s no gilt here however, just a contrast between the upper layer of stainless steel and the darker metal below.

MAD Paris “Grand Fleur” Royal Oak

It’s not just the watch head that’s received the treatment however; the Grand Fleur extends across the entire integrated bracelet, everywhere but the plain links in-between. They and the dial have been left untouched. That’s a good thing too; you can have too much of a good thing.

MAD Paris “Grand Fleur” Royal Oak

It’s likely why MAD Paris chose to use the 33mm Royal Oak for this creation rather than the larger versions. That and it would have kept their engraver busy an extra month or so. Whatever the reasoning, the custom AP is an interesting twist on a classic and shows just a fraction of what MAD Paris can do.

Price & Specs:

        • Model Name: MAD Paris Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 33mm “Grande Fleur”
          Ref: 15400ST
        • Dial/Case: 33mm diameter, classic black (or white) dial, stainless steel, engraved “Grande Fleur” pattern on case, bezel, strap and buckle
        • Movement: Mechanical, automatic
          Water Resistance: 5 ATM
        • Price & Availability: £26,790 (VAT included), available at Farfetch’s website.

For more information visit MAD Paris’ website.

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