When DeWitt say they’re going back to basics, don’t start thinking that they mean simple. What they mean instead is that the mico-manufacture is taking things down a notch with fewer releases each year. The result is that each new watch has to be even more impressive and, with the new Academia Hour Planet, DeWitt is well on the right track.

There are few sights more wanderlust-evoking than that of the globe and the many, many tracts of land and sea yet to be visited. Well, prepare to book your next flight as DeWitt has put that globe dead centre in the Academia Hour Planet.

DeWitt Academia Hour Planet Titanium Black DLC

Rather than the usual deep blue, the globe in question is instead far more stylised, with seas almost skeletonised along their lines of latitude and longitude. That globe is then bordered by DeWitt’s signature chain for a domineering horological statement across the lower half of the dial.

The rest of the dial is relatively restrained; by DeWitt standards its positively minimal. Sure a good part of it is open to show off the balance wheel and various chunks of the movement, but in the highly embossed lacquer that’s survived the dial culling is deep and beautiful.

DeWitt Academia Hour Planet Titanium Black DLC

DeWitt Academia Hour Planet Titanium Black DLCInside the in-house automatic movement has a 55-hour power reserve which isn’t the best in the world; then again, with this much going on in one watch it can be given more than a little leeway. There are 192 components in the GMT chain alone, which turns the globe according to time zone, so if anything, 55 hours seems pretty damn good.

That movement is strapped into a big 46mm case, though its lines aren’t overly bulky making it nicely wearable. It even seems a little smaller thanks to the unusually large scales of the alligator strap; it shrinks the watch in comparison.

DeWitt Academia Hour Planet Titanium Black DLC

The Academia Hour Planet isn’t a limited edition as such, but it goes without saying that DeWitt won’t be making many. They can’t; they make a bare handful of watches each year as it is. Still, regardless of how many or few are made, whether it’s a limited edition or not, this is a seriously special piece of watchmaking.

Price & Specs:

      • Model Name: DeWitt Academia Hour Planet Titanium Black DLC
        Ref: AC.GMT.002
      • Dial/Case: 46 mm diameter, Titanium Black DLC case
      • Movement: Mechanical self-winding movement manufactured by DeWitt
      • Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, GMT with time zone and day/night indication
        Water Resistance: 3 bar (approx. 30m)

        Frequency: 21,600 vph
      • Power Reserve: 30m
      • Price & Availability: TBC

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