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Introducing: Casio G-Shock Red Ion Plated Full Metal Limited Edition

G-SHOCK’s Limited Edition Red Ion Plated Full Metal

The GMW-B5000RD-4ER is the latest offering in G-SHOCK’s Full Metal collection, a visual and technical update of the fan favourite GMW model. The new red ion-plated brings a flourish of full-metal alchemy to the range, which has seen plenty of metallurgical magic in the past, and the watch is now kitted with some of the most accurate timekeeping tech available.

New solar powering ensures that there’s always plenty of juice to run the Multi Band Radio 6 control that is at the heart of this timepiece – even in a locked-down British winter. With a battery lifetime of ten months at full charge without further exposure to light, there’s little chance of it ever going flat. It’s as tough on the inside as it is on the outside.

G-SHOCK’s Limited Edition Red Ion Plated Full Metal

And the outside sure is tough. The stainless steel case and bezel of the rectangular CODE shaped design are finished in a rich red ion-plating (or for those more used to watchmaking terminology, PVD). The new colouration is emphasised by a hairline finish which maximises the presence and elegance of the metal and looks great alongside the light-on-dark LCDs.

G-SHOCK’s Limited Edition Red Ion Plated Full Metal
G-SHOCK’s Limited Edition Red Ion Plated Full Metal

A mars-hued exterior and long lasting, space-age timekeeping are not the only features of this watch. Bluetooth® Connectivity means you can easily change your settings as you move between time zones. Not that any of us are doing much jet-setting right now of course. It’s just good to know it’s there.

Casio G-Shock Red Ion Plated Full Metal Limited Edition
If you want to pick one up, the limited-edition piece will be launching on Friday 8th January on the G-SHOCK website,, for £499. For the weight of metal alone, that’s a reasonable price.

Price & Specs:

Model: G-Shock Red Ion Plated Full Metal
Ref: GMW-B5000RD-4E
Case/Dial: 49mm diameter, stainless steel, light-on-dark LCD screen
Movement: Digital movement
Power Reserve: Approximately ten-month battery life (without additional light exposure), solar charging
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date, world time, alarm, Bluetooth® connectivity
Strap: Stainless steel bracelet
Price/Availability: £499

More details at G-Shock.

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