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Eone Launch the Switch, Their Latest Watch For The Visually Impaired

Eone Switch

Today (Oct 14) is World Sight Day, a day for raising awareness for blindness and visual impairment. Which is apt timing because tomorrow Eone are launching their new timepiece, called the Switch. For anyone unfamiliar with Eone, they are a specialist watchmaker who create tactile watches that tell the time through touch. They are designed to make watches inclusive for blind or visually impaired wearers. They also happen to look awesome with a futuristic vibe.

The Switch uses the same ball bearing technology as their other watches like the Bradley, which we had the chance to try out earlier this year. Instead of traditional hands, ball bearings orbit a central track and a peripheral one hat denote hours and minutes. On the new watch, those tracks have been deepened to improve the watch’s performance by limiting the impact of external debris. A solid quality of life update.

Eone Switch

Further quality improvements include tapered edges to provide better visual cues for anyone with limited sight. Similarly, the edge of the case is now slightly angled so it’s easier to see the peripheral ball bearing, which means the bottom of the watch has a diameter of 41mm while the top is 39mm. And it’s all produced in stainless steel with silver, gold or black colourations.

Eone Switch
Eone Switch

However, where the Switch really comes into its own is the display ring, or what you’d probably call the bezel on a regular watch. The ring is detachable through a twist and lock system that means you can swap between a number of different rings that each give the watch a unique style. It allows for dramatically more personalisation and you can swap between designs based on the occasion.

Eone Switch

At the simple end of things are regular 12-hour markings, which make the Switch almost identical to the Bradley. But things quickly get more exciting with the ‘sunflower’ ring, a type of guilloché with a spiralling pattern of small diamonds. It’s not only visually interesting but is also incredibly tactile. In the future, Eone plan to release new rings that you can buy separately, including limited edition ones and collaborations. That means you only have to buy the core watch once but you can change its style whenever you want.

Eone Switch with additional rings

The Switch costs $360 in silver or gold and $375 in black (approx. £260/£275), with the basic ring, the ‘sunflower’ and an alternative 12-hour scale included in the price. Future rings are expected to cost $40 (approx. £30), excluding limited or special editions. The watch launches tomorrow (Oct 15) and you can save $70 on launch day.

Price & Specs:

Model: Eone Switch
Case/Dial: 40mm diameter x 11.5mm height, stainless steel case in silver, rose gold or black, each colourisation comes with two “rings”; one with regular 12 hour markings and the other a ‘sunflower’ pattered ring which is based on the guilloché pattern
Water Resistance: 30m (3 bar)
Movement: Ronda quartz movement with Swiss part
Functions: Two magnetized ball bearings for hours and minutes
Strap: Stainless steel mesh bracelet
Price/availability: $360 (approx. £260) (silver & gold) and $375 (approx. £275) (black), with additional future rings expected to cost $40

More details at Eone.

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