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Enter The Matrix with Hamilton’s New PSR MTX Limited Edition

Let’s go down the rabbit hole, take a bunch of pills of various colours and talk about digital watches. Well, one watch in particular, the new Hamilton PSR MTX limited edition, inspired by the upcoming film Matrix Resurrections. So, let’s go down the rabbit hole, take a bunch of… woah… sorry, there was a glitch in the matrix just then.

Jokes aside, Hamilton has a long history of producing digital watches. In fact, back in 1970 they debuted the world’s first ever digital watch. This watch though is simply an updated version of the PSR from 2020. It’s been given bright green numerals on its LCD screen and the caseback features the iconic Matrix digital rain. And of course, it’s in stealth black.

It’s crazy how well a design from 2020 emulates the somewhat grungy techno vibe of the late 90s/early 00s that became synonymous with The Matrix franchise. The Hamilton PSR MTX chunky 40.8×34.7mm case looks like it came straight out of the films.

The Hamilton PSR MTX is limited to 1,999 pieces, matching the year the original film was released, and has a price tag of CHF 995 (approx. £810). That’s expensive but for any Matrix mega-fan it’s absolutely perfect. I know my dad would love it, but he does own a long black coat solely so he can feel like Neo when it flaps in the wind.

More details at Hamilton.

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