Retrograde indicators – where the hands move through a semicircle instead of a circle, jumping back to the beginning when they hit the end – are becoming slightly more common than they were, with a few watchmakers introducing them this year. None though with quite the same flair as Cyrus.

The Klepcys Vertical Tourbillon is a double retrograde, with both hours and hands indicated in different halves of the dial. It takes some getting used to, if only because it flies in the face of tradition, but it’s also unbelievably cool. Top that off with a unique vertical tourbillon (as opposed to the boring horizontal kind you usually see) and you have something very special, incredibly contemporary masterpiece.

Price & Specs:

Model: Cyrus Kelpcys Vertical Tourbillon
44mm diameter, black DLC
18-carat 4N rose gold, rose-gold and black DLC titanium and all-black DLC titanium
Complications: Vertical tourbillon, retrograde hour and minutes, power reserve indication
Power reserve: 96 hours
Price: TBC

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