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Christopher Ward x Oracle Time Introduce C65 Dune Shoreline

Christopher Ward Oracle Time C65 Dune Shoreline

Having reported on literally thousands of watch releases over the years, it brings us great joy to be covering our first ever collaboration watch. After a year of development, we’re incredibly excited to present to you the brand-new Christopher Ward x Oracle Time C65 Dune Shoreline wristwatch. A watch with a dial inspired by the rugged, changeable coast of the British Isles. This will be the first in a series of collaborations with brands which will be available with priority access to paying Oracle Time print magazine subscribers (details at the bottom of article).

Anyway, enough waffle, let’s take a closer look at the watch in question. The C65 Dune Shoreline is based on the Christopher Ward C65 Dune in steel with a 38mm diameter, a seriously cool field watch with 150m water resistance. Although technically the Shoreline is hybridised with the bronze COSC editions because CW have never produced a steel chronometer edition of the Dune and the Dune Shoreline is indeed chronometer certified.

Christopher Ward Oracle Time C65 Dune Shoreline
Christopher Ward Oracle Time C65 Dune Shoreline

Aesthetically, we already love the retro, faintly militaristic vibe of the brushed steel design and smooth bezel, so you’ll be glad to know we haven’t made any alterations there. In fact, the only change to the case itself is the discreet Oracle Time name inscribed on the caseback, nice and subtle so you won’t even know this is a collaboration watch unless you really want to show people.

As you’ve probably noticed, the single biggest change on the watch is the dial. We wanted to create something that lived up to the concept of the watch while also being visually striking. The initial concept came from a trip to Cerro Blanco in Peru, where one of our co-founders noticed the incredible ripple patterns in the sand and thought a 3D, textured sand pattern would make for an eye-catching dial for a watch named the Dune. After several discussions, the team at Christopher Ward revealed they had been working on numerous processes to create a wave or ripple like pattern on the dial of their watches, and we pounced on this concept.

Christopher Ward Oracle Time C65 Dune Shoreline

Regarding the process for creating the dials, William Brackfield, Christopher Ward’s Watch Designer, said, “we used this project as a way of experimenting with 3D stamping. We spent a lot of time altering the profile and depth of the peaks to try and give a real look of motion that the Oracle Time team requested. The brass dials are stamped onto a negative of the pattern using a hydraulic press. Then the dial print, marking the watch’s chronometer status and depth rating, is applied before a final clear lacquer.”

Once the technique for producing the sand ripple pattern dials were perfected, creating a dynamic design that catches the light in interesting ways, Will sent us a few samples and mock-ups in various styles and colours. While we anticipated that a khaki, sand colour would be the natural fit for this concept, Will encouraged us to explore some alternatives as well. And when the man who designed the Bel Canto gives you advice, you listen.

Christopher Ward Oracle Time C65 Dune Shoreline

Nestled within the series of mock-ups was an incredibly striking version in a light grey colour. Immediately something about this grey edition captured our attention. It strongly reminded us of the overcast and rugged coastal shoreline of the United Kingdom. Looking like the desaturated darkness of coastal dunes under storm-light as thunder rolls in off the sea. Or perhaps the dark colour of sea itself under slate skies.

The addition of blue Super-LumiNova BL Grade X1 across the hands and hour markers really brought the design home, like the glimpse of blue sky seen through a break in the clouds. It’s an unconventional pairing of colours to be sure but it really ticks all the boxes we wanted to cover, playing with interesting colours while still being grounded. Will says, “it was interesting experimenting with the coloured lume, something we only do very occasionally, but it brings real character to this watch and ties in perfectly with the theme.”

Christopher Ward Oracle Time C65 Dune Shoreline Caseback

Below the intricate dial is the COSC chronometer certified Sellita SW200-1 calibre. Choosing the movement was another really important decision for us. We always thought of this watch as a daily driver, and as such landed on the COSC Sellita. A movement with great accuracy (+/- 4 seconds per day) and that has been tested in multiple positions for reliability. Its 38-hour power reserve makes it ideal for daily wear.

Christopher Ward has helped to push British watchmaking into the mainstream of the industry and being able to work with their expert team has been a pleasure. Mike France, CEO at Christopher Ward said, “we’ve had a longstanding relationship with Oracle Time which spans more than a decade. As a British organisation that have played a key role in sharing our brand story, we take immense pride in our collaboration to craft a bespoke timepiece celebrating their centenary edition.”

Christopher Ward Oracle Time C65 Dune Shoreline v

Only 100 Christopher Ward x Oracle Time C65 Dune Shoreline watches are being produced in honour of our landmark 100th issue and they are available with priority access to paying Oracle Time subscribers (receiving a free copy through an existing partnership does not qualify). Priority access orders for the watches will begin on April 2nd at 11:00 GMT, with a first come first served policy. General sale begins on April 2nd at 14:00 GMT and delivery is expected in early July.

They’re priced at £1,260 on steel Bader bracelet with additional Vacona leather strap with accent blue stitching, £1,175 on bracelet, £1,020 on Vacona leather and £995 on #tide strap. But really, we can’t put a price on what it means to us as a business, a magazine and as a team to bring you this watch. We really like it and we hope you do too. Here’s to the Christopher Ward x Oracle Time C65 Dune Shoreline and here’s to many more collaborations in future.

This watch is now sold out. To stay up to date with future collaborations make sure to sign up to our newsletter (in footer).

Price and Specs:

Model: Christopher Ward x Oracle Time C65 Dune Shoreline
Case: 39mm diameter x 11.9mm thickness, stainless steel
Dial: Grey sand ripple pattern
Water resistance: 150m (15 bar)
Movement: Sellita calibre SW 200-1, COSC-certified, automatic, 26 jewels
Frequency: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
Power reserve: 38h
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds
Strap: #tide fabric, grey Vacona leather with blue stitching or stainless steel Bader bracelet
Price: £995 (#tide strap), £1,020 (leather strap), £1,175 (bracelet) or £1,260 (bracelet and leather strap), limited to 100 pieces


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  • Beautiful dial. The grey strap works perfectly with the watch. I see an understated elegance that just work. I really hope they make a larger production run.

  • Hi, I subscribed to the annual subscription as well. Very interested in this watch so would like to be included with the link tomorrow for subscribers.



  • I signed up for the newsletter and did not receive an email with a link to purchase. You also deleted my last two comments about this topic..

    • Hey I think it says in the article priority is given to paying subscribers over general subscribers – they get access from 2pm as part of general sale. Thanks!

  • I recentlly received my blue 50 Phantoms parody watch from Spinnaker. This is after being unsuccessful in receiving an email link to buy the original black, until it was too late and sold out!

    I hope your email link goes live to everyone at same time, but with email servers, there can be delays by hours in receiving mass emails and can lead to the disappointment for those who don’t get the link in time…

    May I suggest the link is sent prematurely with a password, but the webpage is not made live until 11am?

    This way, everyone has an equal opportunity of trying to obtain the watch?

  • Hi. I am signed up for the newsletter and subscribed to the magazines, but I have not received any information or granted early access yet. Can you update me on this please?

  • I signed up for the newsletter but I haven’t been receiving any in my email inbox and I do not want to miss this release, is something wrong on my end?

  • How is with VAT and sending to EU? Is that on buyer or is the same as with CW and free of taxes? Ty!

      • Thank you Michael for your answer. Can you please just say where will general purchase take place? On this site or on CW? If I understand correctly also no-subscription buyers can then on this day buy a watch?

        • Hi Kompas,

          A password protected link to buy the watch will be shared via our Newsletter, which will redirect you to CW’s website to complete the purchase.

          The first newsletter will be shared at 11:00 exclusively for paying subscribers. At 14:00 a second newsletter will be shared opening the watch to general sale for non-subscribers.

          As a note, the watch is available on a first come first served basis at all times and following the feedback at The British Watchmakers’ Day we expect it to sell out quickly and it may not reach general sale.


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