MB&F is an artistic concept laboratory based around a simple idea: to assemble collectives of independent watchmaking professionals to develop radical horological masterpieces.

Boulevard Helvétique 22
1207 Geneva

T: +41 22 786 36 18
E: info@mbandf.com
W: www.mbandf.com
F: www.facebook.com/MBandF
T: https://twitter.com/mbandf
I: www.instagram.com/mbandf

MB&F Articles

Introducing: MB&F Legacy Machine Thunderdome Watch

The world’s fastest triple-axis regulating mechanism from two legendary watchmakers.

Complete List Of Winners 2019 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG)

The annual award ceremony has crowned its best watches of the year.

Introducing: MB&F Legacy Machine No.2 Red Gold Blue Watch

An elegant take on the original LM2.

Introducing: MB&F HM7 Aquapod Platinum Red Watch

Now in red, with three-dimensional numerals sculpted from titanium.

Aficionado: The Coolest Things in the World Right Now (Apr. ’19)

We reveal what’s on our radar and what should be on your shopping list.

Aficionado (Dec ’18): The Coolest Things in the World Right Now

We reveal what’s on our radar and what should be on your shopping list this month.

MB&F Go With the Flow for the New HM09

Hot on the tank tread-shod heels of MB&F's latest clock mascot comes the new, long-awaited and even longer-developed Horological Machine N0.9 ‘Flow’...

MB&F HM7 Aquapod Green in Titanium

MB&F will now release a third variation of its Horological Machines No. 7 in titanium with a green sapphire crystal bezel...

Take on Watches: The Uninitiated Share Their Thoughts On Some Popular...

We asked a bunch of watch novices for their opinion on some of the most high-end and popular pieces of today...

Watch of the Week: MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement

The latest in the Legacy Machine series from MB&F arrives in four new frosted dial variations…

Aficionado (September ’17): On our Radar… On Our Shopping List

Our round-up of this month's best luxury products ...

GPHG 2017 Final Shortlist & Our Predictions

GPHG has announced its final shortlist - here are our predictions on who will win ...

Tech Watches: Five Technically Brilliant Timepieces

These contemporary masters take a very, very different approach to watchmaking...

Watch of the Week: MB&F HM6 Alien Nation

Rather than transporting us to the cosmos, the HM6 Alien Nation brings the cosmos to us...

The End of a Legacy (Machine): MB&F LM1 Final Edition

The Legacy Machine 1 is about to go out in a blaze of glory with the new LM1 Final Edition...

Time Machines: Astounding Kinetic Art Sculptures From Florian Schlumpf

M.A.D Gallery’s mechanically-minded artist blurs the line between engineering and art...

MB&F Horological Machine 7 Aquapod

The new MB&F Aquapod is the latest horological machine to emerge from watchmaking’s foremost creative collective...

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