Aficionado – February 2021: The Coolest Things In The World Right Now

H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Minute Repeater Tourbillon

H. Moser Endeavour Minute Repeater Tourbillon

Even without their name on the dial, any serious collector can tell a H. Moser & Cie at 30 yards. Case in point, the new Endeavour Minute Repeater. Combining a clean, electric blue dial with a visible tourbillon and chiming complication (and nothing else) it’s one of the very few high complications of this level that we could ever call understated. Interested? Specs and price above.

Price: CHF 330,000 (approx. £269,214), available at  H. Moser & Cie.

New in Blue: The Celestee Mobile Headphones

The Celestee Mobile Headphones

The new Celestee mobile headphones have adopted a stylish navy blue and copper palette and they couldn’t look better. The soft leather earpads and the clean aluminium lines of the yoke just shout of a comfortable listening experience with some great soundproofing qualities. With its updated headphone drivers Celestee is sure to deliver great sound at home and on the move, looking stylish at the same time.

Price: £999, available at Focal.

Singer Safari 91Singer Safari 911

911s are cool, and where better to keep cool than the desert? The Safari 911 from Californian designer Singer, A.K.A The All-terrain Competition Study (ACS) was specially commissioned to compete in endurance desert rallies like the Baja 1000 and Dakar Rally. The sleek body of the 911 paired with the insanely robust underwork is almost cartoonish, but we love the nods to Porsche’s rally history hidden all over the vehicle.

POA, more details at Singer Vehicle Design.

Stillness Bathtub

Stillness Bathtub

Can anything improve a warm bath? Kohler says yes. Their new Stillness bathtub comes with a range of options including a Hinoki wood moat, full RGB lighting and an ‘experience tower’ that can emit fog and essential oils, all designed to enhance your feeling of relaxation. What’s more, its functions are all voice activated so you don’t even have to move if you fancy a change of settings. Now, where’s my towel?

Price: From $6,198 (approx. £4,542), available from July, more details at Kohler.

G-SHOCK’s Limited Edition Red Ion Plated Full Metal

G-SHOCK’s Limited Edition Red Ion Plated Full Metal

The new red ion-plated G-SHOCK Full Metal looks like it’s coated in dust from the surface of Mars adding a real Martian vibe to this update on the fan favourite GMW model. Throw in some great tech inside and this watch might as well jet set us on the way to the outer rim rather than Earth. Or it would if we were able to travel right now…

£499, available at G-SHOCK.

Tatler Menu Masterclass Cooking

Tatler Menu masterclass

Sure, London’s best restaurants are just a distant memory for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t taste those signature dishes at home. You’ll just need to do it yourself. Enter The Tatler Menu, a fourcourse collection of video recipes from contemporary maestro Ollie Dabbous, Bakeoff: The Professionals host Benoît Blin, Peter Gray of Heston Blumenthal’s The Hind’s Head and arguably the coolest chef in London, Kerth Gumbs. From the perfect seared scallops to those triple-cooked chips (anyone that’s eaten at one of Heston’s restaurants knows what we mean) you’ll be able to add them all to your repertoire – along with the perfect wine for each.

Price: £120 – £430, available at Learning With Experts.

Desks at Home With Artifox

Artifox Walnut Desk

We’re all working from home at the moment and frankly it’s a struggle. Cramped in home offices or stuck at the kitchen table, being productive is all but impossible. Artifox’s simple, elegant, modular desks would be great as a work-from-home setup. With dozens of accessories and customisable options you can design your own bespoke workstation to maximise your comfort and efficiency.

From £1,150, more details at The Artifox.

Sony BRAVIA XR Master Series

Sony BRAVIA’s XR Master Series

Sony BRAVIA’s XR Master Series is a step forward in making TV more realistic than ever. Its 8K full-array LED and HDR screen is so powerful and detailed that you can even see the texture of a flower petal on it, backed up by cognitive software that mirrors the workings of the human eye. The visuals are backed up by a sound system to match, which means no matter where you’re sitting the audio is fully immersive. In the race for realism, Sony are in the lead.

Price yet to be announced, more details at Sony.

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