6 Luxury Swim Shorts to Take You from Pool to Bar in Style

Mr Marvis the Swims Mint Green, £89

Mr Marvis the Swims Mint Green

Nothing’s better than a cool splash of mint to keep you getting too hot under the collar and this refreshing pair of shorts from Amsterdam-based label MR MARVIS is as suited to the sun as a freshly made mojito. Handmade in Portugal with a simple, streamlined style, their mid length and regular rise mean they’re both comfortable and flattering, and firmly on the smarter end of the swim short spectrum.

Available at Mr Marvis.

Orlebar Brown Bulldog Riviera Swim Shorts, £195

Orlebar Brown Bulldog Riviera Swim Shorts

Blue is always a safe bet, but this pair of shorts from Orlebar Brown elevate the humble hue to new heights in their gorgeous Riviera II shade. The perfect, Cote d’Azur medium blue, they make the most of the Bulldog’s classic, tailored shape and, honestly, you’ll find yourself wearing them away from the pool, too. Pair with a clean white t-shirt or short-sleeved shirt for a pared-back breezy cool look that’ll take you from beach to bar and back again.

Available at Orlebar Brown.

Outerknown Nomadic Volley Swim Shorts, £79

Outerknown Nomadic Volley Swim Shorts

Surfing legend Kelly Slater’s lifestyle brand understands your beachside needs. Quick dry, durable polyester? Check. A comfortable, elasticated waistband? Timeless silhouette? Check and check. With a shorter length and more relaxed vibe than some of the more tailored shorts on this list, they have that laid-back, sunset-over-the-water feel we all need a little more in our lives, in retro faded red. They’re even unlined, a firm departure from the brand’s superlative performance shorts. Oh and this being Outerknown, yes, they’re made using recycled ocean plastic.

Available at Outerknown.

Vilebrequin X The Woolmark Company Prince De Galles Swim Shorts, £220

Vilebrequin X The Woolmark Company Prince De Galles Swim Shorts

Generally you go to Vilebrequin for outrageous prints and more colour than an overcompensating beachside tiki bar, not tailoring – and definitely not wool. Well, their collaboration with The Woolmark Company is just that, a pair of suit-inspired checked swim shorts constructed from Australian Merino wool. They’re light, breathable and incredibly soft, meaning you’ll want to wear them all day long.

Available at Vilebrequin.

The Resort Co. Seersucker Swim Shorts, £140

The Resort Co. Seersucker Swim Shorts

There’s tailored swim shorts then there’s these. This sartorially inspired, navy-striped pair of mid-length swimmers from the aptly named Resort Co. are handmade in Portugal from recycled materials and will have onlookers wondering why you’ve jumped in the pool wearing your ultra-smart shorts. The company has lavished their attention on the details too, with horn buttons, engraved side adjusters and the kind of tailored style most swim shorts can only aspire to.

Available at The Resort Co.

Sunspel Drawstring Swim Shorts, £145

Sunspel Drawstring Swim Shorts

If you’re looking for an understated classic done to perfection, you’ll invariably come across Sunspel. The British brand – and favourite of 007 – excels in simple refinement and this flattering pair of navy swim shorts epitomises that ethos. Another pair made from upcycled material – this time from Seaqual – you can wear them anywhere, at any time, whether that’s the pool first thing in the morning or a local watering hole for a sunset cocktail.

Available at Sunspel.

Frescobol Carioca Bola De Praia Swim Shorts, £195

Frescobol Carioca Bola De Praia Swim Shorts

With their sharp, tailored silhouette and subtle Sombra print, this pair of shorts from the well- heeled resortwear specialists at Frescobol Carioca  (think superyacht chic) elevate the humble navy swimmers to new heights. A darker take on the label’s sunny Copacabana print, it’s more waters at night than sunset. Made from recycled ECO LUNA fabric and with a slightly shorter, though no less impeccably tailored cut, these are as elegant as you could hope to get poolside.

Available at Frescobol Carioca.

Gusari St. Barts Swim Shorts, £100

Gusari St. Barts Swim Shorts

Named for the St. Tropez of the Caribbean, these subtly patterned shorts from newcomer to the swimwear market, Gusari, are drenched in tropical sunshine. The retro diamond pattern is definitely eye-catching, but not in the over-the-top way of, say, a multi-coloured fish print. They keep things pared-back, elegant and slightly retro, with practical touches like a bespoke quick dry fabric and a dual elasticated waistband, ensuring an easy, comfortable wear.

Available at Gusari.

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