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Wristbuddys Specialist Watch Straps for Rolex, Omega, Tissot & Swatch

Wristbuddys Premium Rubber Strap Swatch Moonswatch

In the watch industry, longevity is important. It takes time to create a brand and curate a loyal following of customers and collectors. So when a brand bursts onto the scene, people tend to take note. Wristbuddys are a Swedish watch strap specialist who started out in 2020 and are already challenging established brands in terms of range and value. They’ve gone from watch strap newcomers to an industry staple in just four years.

In the last year alone, their monthly sales have almost quadrupled, a statistic that coincides with their rapidly expanding range of strap options. Soon they will rival established names like Horus and Everest in terms of variety, versatility and style – an apt comparison because all three brands share a production facility.

A key part in Wristbuddys’ expansion is the development of new strap moulds than enable them to create straps for some of the most iconic watches on the market. Let’s take a look at their range of straps for famous watches.

FKM Rubber Strap for Rolex, £89

Wristbuddys produce FKM rubber straps for a number of Rolex models from the Daytona, to the Submariner to the GMT-Master II. Which isn’t too much a surprise considering that they all share similar lugs and as such it’s a one strap fits all situation. This Black FKM number is £89 with a curved end that fits over a dozen Rolex references. It’s understated in its monotone colour and is perfect for those who want even more flexibility than the Oysterflex offers.

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Premium Curved FKM Rubber Strap for Omega Speedmaster, £55

Wristbuddys Curved Premium Rubber Strap Omega Speedmaster

For the world famous Omega Speedmaster, Wristbuddys produce the Premium Curved rubber strap. It’s available in a handful of colours including yellow, orange, red, black and dark grey. What makes it different to the Rolex strap above is the faux fabric texture and stitching that adds another layer of detail to the curved shape of the rubber. The brightly coloured options also add new opportunities to make your watch stand out and feel more personal to yourself.

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FKM Rubber Strap for Tissot PRX, £59

Wristbuddys Rubber Strap Tissot PRX
Wristbuddys Rubber Strap Tissot PRX

While Tissot might not have the prestige of brands like Omega and Rolex, the PRX itself is a model that has garnered a lot of attention in the last 12 months. It’s designed to fit the 40mm PRX models in both the Powermatic 80 and quartz variants and is priced at £59. It has a flowing, smooth design in multiple colours such as olive green, black, orange, blue, ice blue (perfect for the PRX of the same colour) and white. Since the PRX comes on an integrated style strap, it’s fairly rare to see alternatives, meaning Wristbuddys are one of the few options you have to add a sense of personalisation.

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Curved Rubber FKM Strap for Moonswatch, £45

Wristbuddys Premium Rubber Strap Swatch Moonswatch

Arguably the collection that really started to kick off Wristbuddys’ surge in popularity was their curved rubber strap for the Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch. The MoonSwatch has a reputation for having a fairly poor strap and as such, many collectors began searching for alternatives. The brightly coloured Curved strap is perfectly positioned to pair with the equally colourful MoonSwatch and became an instant hit for the brand. Especially at the nice and accessible price of £45.

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Of course, while many of their straps are designed with specific models in mind, they’re perfectly suitable for any watch that can fit their dimensions such as Zeniths, Tudors and more. In fact, Tudor is particularly relevant because Wristbuddys has teased that one of their upcoming collections will be dedicated to them, as well as other projects for the Omega Seamaster 300 and Swatch X Blancpain that are in the works. So keep an eye out.

More details at Wristbuddys.

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