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Wristbuddys Provide Accessible Watch Straps for Every Day

Wristbuddys Rubber Watch Strap for Moonswatch

I’m sure the majority of you are familiar with the concept of a daily beater, the watch that you wear every day and that’s suitable for virtually any occasion you’re likely to run into on a daily occurrence. These are the watches where accessibility and comfort become of vital importance because, frankly, they’re the ones strapped to our wrists the most. As such, finding a comfortable, quality strap of similar accessibility is incredibly important. That’s where Swedish brand Wristbuddys comes in, helping you find the perfect accessible strap for every day. So let’s check out some Wristbuddys watch straps you should consider for your next beater.

MoonSwatch Rubber, £40

Wristbuddys Rubber Watch Strap for Moonswatch

Wristbuddys’ flagship strap is their Curved Rubber Strap, which they created in the wake of the launch of the Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch as an alternative to the Velcro strap that it comes on. Rubber is the perfect material for a daily beater because it’s comfortable and flexible while also being waterproof and durable. Additionally, as the series is designed for the hyper colourful MoonSwatch, there’s a huge diversity of shades available, ranging from subtle black to blazing red, bright yellow, vibrant green and more.

Of course, while the Wristbuddys watch straps were designed for the MoonSwatch, they’re suitable for any timepiece with similar lugs such as an actual Omega Moonwatch or a variety of Rolexes and Zeniths, although those watches don’t quite fit the notion of accessibility quite so well as the MoonSwatch.

Nato, £20

Wrustbuddys Nato Seatbelt Army Green Strap
Wrustbuddys Classic Nylon Nato Strap Army Green

The design of Nato straps can be traced back to the military in the 1970s. The durable nylon construction is designed to endure rigorous activity while the unusual attribute of passing beneath the watch’s caseback reduces the amount of movement of the case on the wrist. Wristbuddys describe their Nato straps as having a Seat Belt style design, which relates to similar concepts of safety and reliability.

As with the MoonSwatch straps, there are huge varieties of colours and patterns available. If you want to lean into the military aspect you could opt for a simple and classic version in black or olive green. Alternatively, there are a number of striped versions such as navy blue with a red stripe.

Braided Nylon, £14

Wristbuddys Braided Nylon Steel Blue Strap
Wristbuddys Braided Nylon Military Green Strap

In addition to the Nato style nylon straps, Wristbuddys also have a collection of Braided Nylon straps that feature a woven pattern. It’s a versatile design that suits a variety of watches from accessible Timexes to more Omegas. Plus, with its completely flexible construction it’s incredibly easy to wear and comfortable.

Colour-wise, the Braided Nylon collection focuses on being colourful with vibrant yellow, orange and green options as well as a variety of blues and greyscale. They’re ideal for an equally bright summer watch with a colourful dial.

More details at Wristbuddys.

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