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Oracle Recommends: Watches for June 2024

Beaucroft Seeker 37mm

Beaucroft Seeker 37mm

Since 2020, Beaucroft has created classic mechanical watches with a fresh modern flair from the heart of Cambridge. The Seeker 37mm is understated yet playful, with bold colours and striking design details, fully hand-assembled and regulated in Great Britain.

Through a blend of traditional timekeeping techniques and modern watch design styling, Beaucroft brings the best of the old and new worlds together, creating both signature and bespoke watches that are affordably priced and beautifully finished.

Price: £425, available at Beaucroft.

Genius Hommage

Genius Watches Genius Hommage

Genius Watches pay homage to the iconic designs and geniuses of the watch industry who have come before, paying particular tribute to the works of Gerald Genta. The Genius Hommage is a fusion of ideas, with the top half inspired by the Patek Philippe Nautilus and the lower portion based on the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

The Hommage is powered by a Swiss-made automatic movement. The version pictured here is the Fifth Avenue edition with a tiffany blue dial, inspired by the 2021 model that caused ripples across the watchmaking industry.

Price: €2,950 (approx. £2,520), available at Genius Watches.

Ember Watch Company Rocket

Ember Watch Co Rocket

With a name like Rocket, the debut watch from Ember Watch Company feels like a stylish ode to all things sci-fi. The 40mm diameter stainless steel case is deeply facetted with sharp angles and lines featuring a bead-blasted matte finish that contrasts with the smooth, polished bezel. Combine that with the bright, colourful dials, such as blue and orange, bright pink or black/blue/pink/yellow, and it almost wouldn’t look out of place in Starfleet Command. A fusion of concepts that are simultaneously retro and modern. Powering the Rocket is the Seiko NH38A with a 41-hour power reserve.

Price: £395 (retail) or £296 (early-bird on Kickstarter), available from August 2024, more details at Ember Watch Company.

Namica Okami

Namica Okami

Following the success of their first timepiece, Namica debuted their second watch with a Kickstarter campaign on 6th February 2024. The new watch is the Okami (Japanese for wolf), a cool, urban watch with a TV-shaped design inspired by retro watches from the 1970s and 80s. It measures 39mm x 35mm x 10.7mm in grade 2 titanium, featuring a combination of brushed and sandblasted finishing. It’s powered by the Miyota calibre 9039 automatic movement.

Price: $500 (approx. £394), available at Namica.

Eska Amphibian 250

Eska Amphibian 250

The Eska Amphibian 250 is a lovely retro diver, with a sandwich dial and beige lume giving it an incredible vintage feel, while the oversized and blocky numerals ooze character. This is the debut project of a revival brand, bringing Eska back from obscurity with a reimagining of the original Amphibian 600. As the name of the new watch suggests, it has 250m water resistance, making it a solidly practical dive watch. At 40mm it’s also comfortable for everyday use.

Price: €1,200 (approx. £1,030), available at Eska.

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