DeWitt Academia Constant Drive

Whether they’re to your taste or not, you have to love DeWitt. Their watches are the kind of cool you see on streetwear catwalk shows; it doesn’t matter that most people can’t get away with them, they’re still incredibly cool. Now however the auteur has released a watch that I genuinely need in my life: The Academia Constant Drive.

It’s not just the sparseness of the black and gold, though that is one element of it, as is the beautifully slim bezel giving an expanse of space to the dial. The reason I’m borderline obsessed by this particular watch is the complication at the very centre of the dial.

DeWitt Academia Constant Drive

Dubbed the Eternal Screw (I’m not even going to begin punning on that particular name; that way lies madness) it’s an arguably pointless complication but a unique one nonetheless. The concept’s simple: as the wearer winds the watch, the screw goes one way and as the watch eats through it’s 59-hour power reserve it goes the other.

Granted it’s a visual representation of the power reserve, but at it’s heart it’s just so much extra work for no additional benefit. That’s part of the reason I love it. It also gives the whole watch an awesome steampunk vibe, fusing pure, sleek classicism with an automotive-inspired, distinctly mechanical centre.

DeWitt Academia Constant Drive

The only downside is that there’s no way DeWitt will ever be able to produce enough of this stunning piece, meaning that if like me you want to grace your wrist with the new Academia you’ll want to order one sharpish. Otherwise you’ll be eternally screwed. Sorry.

Connoisseur’s Corner

  • Black lacquer dial with hour and minute subdials
  • 42.5mm 18k pink gold case
  • Central Eternal Screw linked to 59-hour power reserve
  • In-house Calibre DW1653 with automatic winding
  • Price: CHF 38,500 (before taxes)
  • More at: