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Vario Launch Art Deco Versa Dual Time in Classy Colour Combinations

Vario Versa Dual Time

It was just the other week that we took a look at the vintage inspired designs of Vario and as part of that we briefly mentioned the upcoming launch of the Versa Dual Time. However, we didn’t have much time to dwell on the cool, accessible collection so now let’s dive into them in a little more detail.

The influence behind these watches is clearly apparent. They’re based on early 20th century watches like the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso with rectangular designs and Art Deco styling. When it comes to that rectangular case, the Versa is 40mm x 26mm x 12mm and is made from stainless steel. And, like the Reverso, the Versa has a reversible design that allows you to flip over the watch to reveal a second face displaying a second time zone, hence the name Dual Time.

Vario Versa Dual Time Gunmetal

Vario Versa Dual Time White

Vario Versa Dual Time Gunmetal/White

Interestingly, while the Reverso flips on a vertical axis, the Versa rotates on a horizontal axis going end over end. This is made possible by having and external case that’s separate from the main body of the watch allowing the body to rotate between its two modes. Naturally, the advantage of this is that you get two dials for your money and can choose between them to match your mood or outfit.

There are a couple of dial combinations available although the current pre-orders are specifically for the silver/black and gunmetal/white editions. Both of which are available in limited quantities of 400, although this is only the first batch and more may be made available in the future. I’d like to see the colourful blue, red and green editions make a return as they’re currently sold out.

Vario Versa Dual Time Silver

Vario Versa Dual Time Black

Vario Versa Dual Time Silver/Black

In terms of layout, one of the two dials has an inner railway minute track with Arabic numerals and hour markers around the outside. The other dial is even more refined with just a peripheral railway track for both hours and minutes. To be honest, both sides look great.

Housed inside is a Ronda Slimtech quartz movement to ensure high degrees of reliability regardless of which orientation you use the watch. In fact, in an amazing example of work smarter, not harder, the watch actually contains two of these movements, one for each face rather than having a single double sided movement. It means you can set each dial totally independently, which is what allows it to function as a dual time model.

Both of the versions available for pre-order are priced at £346. If you’re looking for accessible Art Deco design, look no further. They’re classically elegant, provide great utility and versatile. Naturally I’d prefer them to be mechanical but who knows, maybe in the future Vario will take the plunge and the Versa Dual Time will take its place alongside their flagship models like the automatic 1918 Trench.

Price & Specs:

  • Model: Vario Versa Dual Time
  • Case/dial: 40mm length x 26mm width x 12mm thickness, stainless steel case, reversible dial in gunmetal/white and silver/black
  • Water resistance: 50m (5 bar)
  • Movement: 2 x Ronda Slimtech 1062 quartz movement
  • Functions: Hours, minutes
  • Strap: Veg tan Italian leather with deployant clasp
  • Price/availability: Pre-order for £346, delivery from June – August 2023.

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