Thrudark Skirmish Jacket Brings Military Style Design to Techwear

Skirmish Jacket

This is currently being written staring out into the dim, rainy dullness of what should be an approaching British spring and honestly, it’s hard to expect much else. While we might want to hope for the best, it’s better to prepare for the worst, including inevitable April showers – and that means making sure that you have a solid waterproof to hand at all times.

Packable, lightweight and a bulwark against the elements, Thrudark’s Skirmish jacket perfectly encapsulates the British brand’s military-style approach to technicalwear. Unlike heavier jackets, the Skirmish is designed to allow ease of movement and dynamism without compromising on wet weather protection. That’s achieved by a three-layer construction with tactically placed, precision laser-cut vents to let the air out, but not let the water in and YKK Aquaseal zips so that even the weak points are defended. It’s also made from E-Vent, a water-repellent alternative to Gore-Tex, meaning it doesn’t just keep the water off, but it dries in no time at all.

It’s not just waterproof either; the ripstop material is designed to keep the wind off, too, minimising chill. Throw in a storm hood and a raised neckline to barricade against the kind of horizontal rain high winds can throw at you and it’s suited for any kind of inclement weather.

So far so practical, but if you’re using it as a last resort then it’s good to know that the Skirmish weighs just 44g. In a large. That’s not just incredibly lightweight when you’re wearing it, but also means it can be packed up tight and stowed away until you need it.

Skirmish Jacket
Skirmish Jacket

The Skirmish is the kind of jacket built for cycling or running, anything you need full movement but maximum breathability for, all wrapped up in a distinctive, militaristic style. Or, of course, if you simply need a back-up waterproof to stay prepared for any event. Especially the very high likelihood of rain. Will it ever brighten up properly? Maybe. But best be prepared either way.

Price: £354, available at Thrudark.

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