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These Watches Come with the Perfect Accessories

Baltic Tricompax x Tour Auto 2024 Dashboard Rally Timer

It’s always nice to get a little something extra on the side – the garlic bread to your pizza, the flake to your ice cream, the mint sauce to your lamb (can you tell I’m writing this near lunch time?). When you’re buying a watch, for the most part a watch is all you’ll get. However, there are some brands who have gone a step further to spice up the horological excitement by adding an additional gadget or measuring device into the mix, which either come as standard with the watch or as optional extras. Here then are five watches that come with cool additional accessories.

Delma Quattro: Decompression Timer

Delma Quattro Decompression Timer
Delma Quattro Decompression Timer

The Delma Quattro is quietly one of my favourite dive watches, simply for the fact that it almost looks like a weird sea creature itself. The six points of its bezel give it a starfish or sea urchin-like vibe. It just feels nautical, and I love it. With 500m water resistance, it’s also a watch well equipped for dealing with the deeps and thanks to the additional decompression timer that it comes with, it helps to protect you from the dangers of diving as well.

A decompression timer is quite simple, it’s a table of information that tells you how long you should wait at certain depths in order to acclimatise your body properly and prevent dangerous conditions such as decompression sickness aka. the bends. The Delma version also features a mounting so that you can take the watch off of its strap and attach it directly to the timer, which can then be attached to your diving gear for easy reference.

More details at Delma.

Boldr T-Rex x Nitecore: 500 Lumen Torch

Boldr T-Rex x Nitecore

For adventuring and expeditions, there are two things you’ll likely want. A good wristwatch and a good torch. With the Boldr x Nitecore collaboration you can get both at the same time thanks to the watch’s additional accessory. The watch in question is the T-Rex, a robust 40mm timepiece with black PVD coating based on Boldr’s Odyssey collection. It features a dark display and C3 lume for good low light legibility not that low light legibility is an issue with the Nitecore TINI 2 torch on hand.

Nitecore 500 Lumen Torch

The TINI 2 might look innocuous but despite its compact size of 46.6mm x 25mm x 12.5mm, it can still deliver 200 lumens of light on standard mode or up to 500 lumens at full power – a standard torch is usually around 100 lumens. Plus. it’s resistant to water damage and dust ingress. Together, the Boldr T-Rex and this torch make a powerful exploration duo.

More details at Boldr.

Baltic Tricompax x Tour Auto 2024: Dashboard Rally Timer

Baltic Tricompax x Tour Auto 2024 Dashboard Rally Timer
Baltic Tricompax x Tour Auto 2024 Dashboard Rally Timer

Back in 2022 Baltic began their partnership with classic car race organiser Peter Auto by releasing a Tricompax chronograph alongside a cool set of dashboard stopwatches. For 2024, Baltic have essentially re-released this limited edition set with an updated aesthetic based on the Tour Auto, a historic race from Paris – Biarritz.

The Tricompax watch itself is a 39.5mm timepiece in steel with a light cream dial and blue accents. It’s powered by the Sellita SW510-M with 63-hour power reserve. That alone is enough to justify the €2,100 price tag (approx. £1,800), but on top of that it comes with twin set of monopusher dashboard rally stopwatches. By stopping and starting the two stopwatches alternately, you can time individual laps or splits within a longer race, ideal for time trials and long-distance racing.

More details at Baltic.

Porsche Design Chronograph 1 911 S/T: A Car

Porsche Design Chronograph 1 911 S T

Ok, yes, calling an entire car an “extra for your watch” is a little bit of hyperbole. The reality is that it’s the other way around because when you order your Porsche 911 S/T you’re given the option to also order the matching Porsche Design Chronograph 1 911 S/T. There’s no other way to get the watch, you have to buy the car. The watch itself is a titanium timepiece with the calibre WERK 01.240, a COSC chronometer movement featuring a 38-hour power reserve.

Porsche 911 S T

As for the accessory, by which I mean the car, it’s a 186mph sports car with a 0-60 of around 3.7 seconds. It has the classic 911 good looks with a pared back, lightweight construction. How much will this car + watch combo set you back? Well, the car is £231,000 and the watch is £11,950.

More details at Porsche.

Breitling Navitimer B12 Chronograph Cosmonaute: A Hat

Breitling Navitimer B12 Chronograph 41 Cosmonaute Limited Edition

We’ve chosen to highlight the Breitling Navitimer B12 Chronograph Cosmonaute because it’s one of Breitling’s latest releases, but in reality, if you buy any Breitling from their website or AD, you can snag some swag. By registering for an online account with your order or sending in your registration card, Breitling will send you a product from their gift range. The most ubiquitous item in the range is their signature baseball cap but other options include cups, watch boxes and bags.

Breitling Free Gift

All of that extra Breitling goodness pairs well with the B12 Cosmonaute and its 24-hour display designed for interstellar travellers. Although down here on earth it’s more for international travellers who appreciate its pilot’s watch aesthetic and heritage. Breitling are by no means the only brand to throw in a small gift with a watch purchase with brands like Rolex and Cartier also known for sweetening the pot with a hat or pen.

More details at Breitling.

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