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The Sound of Cinema with Marantz and Composer Max Richter

Marantz Max Richter Cinema Series

Marantz are a mainstay of the modern, luxury audio industry and recently they’ve delved further into the realm of premier home cinema systems. They’ve achieved this with the new Marantz Cinema Series, a collection of pre-amp, amps and AV receivers that bring genuine movie theatre quality sound to your home setup. To celebrate this flagship collection, they teamed up with their new Sound Ambassador and world-renowned composer, Max Richter.

Max Richter is one of contemporary music’s most prodigious figures and he creates music as if he’s scoring his own life. He has worked on a huge number of incredible projects as a pianist and producer as well as composing for albums, film and television. As part of his work on film he worked on the 2018 film Mary Queen of Scots starring Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan. In his role as a Sound Ambassador for Marantz, he helped to host an exclusive listening event in Los Angeles at the famed Sheats-Goldstein Residence, welcoming esteemed guests with a series of intimate yet unexpected cinema experiences that inspired them to see sound differently.

Marantz Max Richter Visual Diary

Neo-classical composer Max Richter

When discussing the announcement of the partnership, Richter said: “Sound in cinema is everything; it’s the direct access to emotions and how what you’re hearing goes very deep. As a kid, I remember the first time I heard sound on a Marantz system, it was though I hadn’t heard music before by opening the door into a completely different space. With the CINEMA Series, you get that very exact experience every time.”

Marantz Cinema 40 AV Receiver

Marantz CINEMA 40, £2,450

But what devices comprise the Cinema series? The series currently contains six products: the AMP 10, AV 10, CINEMA 40, CINEMA 50, CINEMA 60 and CINEMA 70s. The range combines exceptional levels of craftsmanship with nearly 70 years of audio innovation and deliver a truly uncompromising cinematic experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

“The CINEMA Series is the convergence of three unmistakable characteristics of Marantz heritage – exceptionally high performance, meticulous build quality, and elegant timeless design,” said Joel Sietsema, Marantz president. “The most discerning cinephiles and audiophiles will appreciate the CINEMA Series’ immersive sound experience, expertly crafted for the dedicated home theatre. Those who desire both form and function will equally appreciate the display-worthy artisan craftsmanship that elevates any luxury living space.”

Marantz Cinema Series

As for pricing, the CINEMA AV receivers vary between £850 for the CINEMA 70s up to £2,450 for the CINEMA 40. The AMP 10 and AV 10 are priced higher at £6,200 each, but they also do a lot of heavy lifting in sound quality and clarity for the system as a whole. So, whether you’re creating a fully realised home cinema or just want to improve your entertainment system, the Marantz Cinema Series is great starting point, just ask Max Richter.

More details at Marantz.

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