Patron Lalique Tequila

We all have vague, half-formed memories of tequila that put our teeth on edge. Even the smell is enough to put more than one alumni off the stuff. Yet that stuff with a plastic sombrero can barely be called tequila when compared to the agave treasures of Patrón. If premium tequila seems a bit of a misnomer to you, Patrón’s latest collaboration with Lalique will prove otherwise.

Patron Lalique TequilaThe second in the series of Patrón collaborations with the quintessential French crystal maker, the Lalique decanter is a thing of beauty, a diamond in both rarity and form. The angles of the bottle are perfect, showing the deep colour of the tequila inside which is aged for an average of 7 years, all crowned with Patrón’s signature bee as a frosted crystal stopper.

The tequila is just as fantastic as the decanter, with vanilla and fruit from the oak cask, the sweet honey of agave and a long-lasting finish to bring it all together. It’s more than enough for tequila to earn its way back into your liquor cabinet – and thank god, not a sombrero in sight.

Price: US$7,500;