4 Bottles of 30 Year Scotch You Need in Your Drinks Cabinet 

In the mood for sipping some Scotch with a wee dash more age in the new year? As with my fine self, a touch more maturation leads to superbly tasteful results. Still, 30-year-old whisky isn’t as common as you might think, but I’ve been on a mission to find the best drams of the stuff out there.

Dalmore 30 Year, £4,999

The Dalmore 30 Year Scotch

A creation of Richard Paterson OBE, the man who put ‘cask finishing’ on the map, the 2021 edition 30-year-old starts life in American white oak ex-bourbon casks before finding its way into incredibly rare 30-year-old tawny port pipes from Graham’s Port. Marmalade, treacle tart, and tarte tatin jump out of the glass with stewed plums, baked almonds, and frangipane on the palate. A lingering Madagascan vanilla strikes the final chord.

Available at Master of Malt.

Glenfiddich 30 Year Re-Imagination of Time, £999.90

Glenfiddich 30 Year Re- Imagination of Time Scotch

This rich bronze wonder has spent its life in Spanish Oloroso and American oak casks, producing a deeply rich and concentrated flavour profile to develop over three patient decades. Vocal, layered, and textured with a rich oak, honey, orchard fruits, jasmine, and chocolate caramel finish. You won’t be forgetting this one anytime soon, especially as its twisted sculpture of a box will stand proud in your drinks cabinet.

Available at The Whisky World.

Glenturret 30 Year, £1,500

The Glenturret 30 Year Scotch

Revamped just a few years ago, The Glenturret has undergone a truly stunning packaging revival. Thankfully, that is matched with some equally as iconic liquid. A myriad of distinctive casks have become a part of this Scotch journey, including oak casks from Portugal’s famous Niepoort alongside moscatel and sherry casks from Europe. The result is a rich baked pineapple, mango, and tropical delight with molasses, espresso, spicy gingerbread, and a deep orange marmalade on the finish.

Available at Whisky International Online.

Tomatin 30 Year, £422

Tomatin 30 Year Scotch

From a value-quality standpoint, this is the most affordable on the list. Its maturation takes place in a combination of ex-bourbon and traditional oak casks. This fifth batch release is super smooth with soft fruits, white chocolate, buttered cupcakes, and a burst of spice.

Available at Whisky Online.

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