Style Products for February 2024

The Lord of the Beards Gift Set, £47.20

Lord of the Beards Gift Set

The Lord of the Beards gift set offers five 20ml bottles of luxury beard oils to enhance your daily grooming. It consists of Citrus Forest, Oud Enigma, Essence of Man, Tobacco Docks, and Alpha Male, ideal for mixing up your beard oil day to day. Infused with a blend of natural oils and botanical extracts, these oils nourish and moisturise your facial hair, promoting healthy growth and a luxuriously soft texture.

Available at Lord of the Beards.

Kering of Granite and Dream, £60

Kering of Granite and Dream

Kering, the luxury group behind Gucci, Balenciaga and Saint Laurent, have released a coffee-table book tracing their history. It delves into the entrepreneurial spirit of the Pinault family and celebrates the 10th anniversary of Kering and the 60th anniversary of the group’s founding. The book is richly illustrated with historical documents, vintage photographs and a wealth of visual inspiration. Additionally, there are contributions from Anna Wintour, Jane Fonda, Bethann Hardison, Jean-Jacques Aillagon, Mercedes Erra, and Franz-Olivier Giesbert.

Available at Amazon.

Grenson G Sneakers, £222

Grenson G Sneakers

Grenson are one of the most versatile shoemakers out there, producing leather shoes and boots in virtually any style you care to name. Last year they introduced the G Sneakers, one of their boldest and most colourful designs to date. They’re made from a combination of leather and suede with a style inspired by 1970s running shoes. There are numerous colourways available including multi-coloured red, green, white and mustard, as well as more monotone editions that are primarily green or primarily sand, and so on.

Available at Grenson.

Hockerty Custom Shirt, £49 – £123

Hockerty Custom Shirt

Hockerty bring your personal style to the fore with their expressive line of custom shirts. An easy to use online configurator allows you to choose from a wide variety of bespoke designs and materials to craft the perfect shirt for you including fabric, collar style and monogramming. Linen or cotton, formal white or casual pattern, classic or bold, there’s an incredible depth to Hockerty’s custom shirts that lets you express your own aesthetic flawlessly. Plus, depending on your custom choices, very accessible too with prices starting from £49.

Available at Hockerty.

Jordan Bespoke GTO Holdall, £1,995

Jordan Bespoke GTO Holdall

If you’re unfamiliar with Jordan Bespoke, they are a British brand producing Italian handmade leather luxury goods since 2005, inspired by the motoring and motor sport industries with many collaborations with top car manufacturers. The GTO Holdall is handmade in Tuscany in fine suede that’s produced by the same company that provide suede to Gucci, Chanel and Tod’s. Each bag is bespoke to order with a wide range of colours available, including iconic motor racing liveries.

Available at Jordan Bespoke.

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