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Style Products for June 2024

Caligo Sol Soiree Shirt, £205

Inspired by the rich blue waters of the French Riviera’s Cote d’Azur, the Caligo Sol Soiree shirt is an essential for any man taking a trip to the coast this summer. A relaxed fit and lightweight, breathable fabric make it ideal for keeping cool and looking sharp in the heat. The Soiree edition with long sleeves is well suited to a mixture of occasions including formal events, however for a more informal look, the Resort shirt changes things up with short sleeves and Cuban collar.

Available at Caligo.

Peregrine Lodge Jacket, £190

Peregrine Lodge Jacket

The Peregrine Lodge Jacket is all about lightweight durability and ruggedness. It’s made from six-sided hex ripstop fabric, which is a very hardwearing material that’s been waxed for added water and weather resistance. Whether you work outdoors and need a reliable outer layer or just fancy an adventure on the weekend, all of Peregrine’s clothing is made in the UK and they operate with a ‘buy less, buy better’ philosophy for improving clothing sustainability.

Available at Peregrine.

GreenGent Co 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash, £20.28

GreenGent Co 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash

GreenGent Co is a relatively young brand in the men’s grooming space, developed specifically to tackle skin and hair issues with products dedicated to using only natural ingredients. Since their launch in January, their 2-in-1 hair and body wash has proven exceptionally popular with its refreshing fragrance and multi-use simplicity – ideal for men who don’t like to spend too long grooming, while also fitting perfectly alongside a dedicated skin and haircare routine for those who do. Other prominent GreenGent Co products include their acid face cream, face oils and eye cream.

Available at GreenGent.

Hockerty Custom Suit, £229 – £719

Hockerty Custom Suit

Whether you’re looking for a two-piece, a three-piece, a tuxedo or tweed, Hockerty have all you  suit needs covered. Their custom- tailored service is incredibly  versatile, allowing you to choose from a huge range of styles and materials. Whether that be a summer-ready linen or a soft and comfortable Merino wool. You also have full control of lapel style, buttons, pockets, pleats and cuffs. Prices start from £229 depending on your customisation options.

Available at Hockerty.

Cheansey Dover Penny Loafer, £395

Cheansey Dover Penny Loafer

A suede loafer is an essential of summer footwear, comfortable in all situations and perfect for that transition between holiday activities in the day and evening parties. The Dover Penny Loafer from Cheaney is a delight in dark blue with the classic laceless, slip on design. Loafers owe their design heritage to American moccasins; however Cheaney bring British charm and class to all their products, based in the shoemaking heart of Britain, Northamptonshire.

Available at Cheansey.

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