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Seiko Introduce Prospex ‘Tropical Lagoon’ Special Edition Turtle SRPJ35K1

Prospex Turtle Tropical Lagoon Special Edition SRPJ35K1

Seiko are without a doubt one of the most prolific watchmakers in the entire world. It’s rare that a single month goes by without the Japanese brand releasing a new colourway, special edition, regional edition or something else entirely. And so, here we are in the second week of January 2023 with a new special edition Turtle to talk about. It’s called the Prospex Tropical Lagoon Special Edition Turtle and it’s a solid watch.

Solid is very much the operative word. Rocking a 45mm diameter case in stainless steel with large, curved flanks it’s a true leviathan of a diving watch a fair old chunk of metal. If that’s too huge for you (understandable) last year Seiko launched the 1968 Re-Interpretation, which is the thinnest Turtle they’ve ever produced and a much more wearable 41mm. However, there’s something pure about massive dive watches in the way that they refuse to compromise on their utility underwater just to be usable on land.

Prospex Turtle Tropical Lagoon Special Edition SRPJ35K1

With a name like Tropical Lagoon, this special edition is totally dedicated to the water. In particular, its unidirectional rotating bezel has been given a fresh colourway in blue and sea green, referencing the aquatic landscape. Instead of an even distribution of colour, the sea green occupies the 0-20 minute section of the bezel and the rest, 20-60, is blue. Making it a little easier to note your key timings while diving.

Easy readability is the reason dive watches tend to be large, so that their dial and bezel can be equally big for superior legibility. The Tropical Lagoon Special Edition Turtle adheres to this philosophy almost entirely, with oversize circle and wedge hour markers coated with plenty of lume. Additionally, the hands are also large with the minute hand taking the shape of an arrow in sea green, matching the bezel.

Prospex Turtle Tropical Lagoon Special Edition SRPJ35K1

The Seiko Prospex Tropical Lagoon Special Edition Turtle houses the calibre 4R36, an automatic movement with a 40-hour power reserve. It’s pretty standard fare and allows the watch to have an accessible price of £450.

The only question I’m left wondering is what makes it a “special edition”? It’s not limited and it’s not a charity model like the Save the Ocean and as far as I can tell the only unique thing about it is the colourway of the bezel. It’s certainly nice but calling it special is a bit much, yet here we are. Anyway, it’s not worth getting worked up over, Seiko have always had interesting naming conventions for their watches, if they bother to name them at all.

Price & Specs:

  • Model: Seiko Prospex ‘Tropical Lagoon’ Special Edition Turtle
  • Ref: SRPJ35K1
  • Case/dial: 45mm diameter x 13.42mm thickness, stainless steel case, black dial
  • Water resistance: 200m (20 bar)
  • Movement: Seiko calibre 4R36, automatic with manual winding
  • Frequency: 21,600 vph (3 Hz)
  • Power reserve: 40h
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date
  • Strap: Stainless steel bracelet
  • Price/availability: £450

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