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Rolex Showcase Day-Date Everose Gold with Slate Ombré Dial for Oscars 2024

Rolex Day Date 40 Everose Gold

Rolex has been a sponsor for the Oscars Academy Awards since 2017, the most prestigious motion picture awards ceremony on the calendar. In their role as a sponsor for the event, Rolex host the celebrity greenroom, the antechamber where nominees and presenters gather before and after stepping on stage. For 2024, Rolex added a new highlight to the Greenroom in the form of a never-seen before Day-Date in Everose gold with an ombré dial.

The watch featured in pride of place in a display cabinet in the Greenroom, allowing it to be admired by the great and good of Hollywood. It was first revealed to the wider public in Rolex’s annual video celebrating their watches in film, making an appearance at the very end of the short reel. It features a 40mm diameter case in Rolex’s proprietary rose gold alloy called Everose gold, which is renowned for maintaining its rich colour over time better than other pink golds.

What is most striking about this watch is the dial, a dark, slate grey ombré gradient. Ombré is simply another term for fumé, although fumé tends to carry with it a connotation of smokiness whereas the Day-Date’s dial feels smooth and clean with its sunray brushing. The new colour and pattern has been paired with Roman numeral hour markers and the signature days aperture at 12 o’clock and date at 3.

Rolex Greenroom The Oscars

Under the surface, the Academy Awards edition presumably houses the same movement as the other Day-Date 40s in Everose gold (at time of writing Rolex has yet to release the official specs of the watch). That would make it the calibre 3255 automatic with perpetual winding and -2/+2 seconds per day accuracy and 70-hour power reserve. A highly accurate and impressive movement.

How many of these Rolex Day-Date Everose gold with slate ombré dials for the Academy Awards 2024 are being produced, how much they cost and who can buy them are all question marks at the moment. Presumably guests in attendance of the Oscars event will be invited to purchase one to commemorate their special nights. So perhaps keep an eye on the wrists of Cillian Murphy, Emma Stone et. al to see if any emerge. Assuming they aren’t watch ambassadors like most of Hollywood seems to be these days.

More details at Rolex.

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