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Raketa Sputnik-1 Limited Edition Celebrates Launch of World’s First Satellite

Raketa Sputnik-1

The launch of Sputnik-1 in 1957 was the first drop in an avalanche that would eventually see humanity set foot on the moon and begin space exploration in earnest. Celebrating this momentous occasion in global history, Raketa have created a wristwatch fittingly named the Sputnik-1.

The Raketa Sputnik-1 has a 40.5mm diameter stainless steel case with a round shape, conjuring images of an orbit around the Earth. The display is given in a 24-hour format split into day and night portions with inverted white and grey colours. This is another nod to space travel because while in orbit the day-night cycle is difficult to keep track of and having it included on the dial of your watch is a useful reference.

Raketa Sputnik-1

Although, there’s a lot more connection between the Sputnik-1 watch and the actual Sputnik-1 than space-themed design elements. The Raketa 24-hour dial design dates back to 1974 when it was shown to and approved by the Soviet construction bureau that created the original satellite. Additionally, the dial is made of the exact alloy of aluminium-magnesium that the heat shield of Sputnik was made from. The chemical reference of which is engraved on the dial, AMg6.

Raketa Sputnik-1
Raketa Sputnik-1

Powering the Sputnik-1 is the Raketa Calibre 2624, produced in the Raketa Watch Factory in Saint-Petersburg. It’s an automatic movement with a 40-hour power reserve. It’s decorated with laser engraving, visible through the exhibition caseback that also bears an engraving of Sputnik around the periphery.

Raketa Sputnik-1

While the watch itself is relatively simple, there’s something immensely nostalgic about the design. It taps into that retro style, space-race aesthetic that dominated during the mid-late 20th century. The Raketa Sputnik-1 is limited to 500 pieces and is available with either a stainless steel bracelet for €1,800 or a canvas strap for €1,700 (approx. £1,580/£1,500). Alternatively, it’s available as part of a set that includes both strap options as well as a case and a model of the Sputnik satellite for €2,300 (approx. £2,020).

Price & Specs:

  • Model: Raketa Sputnik-1 Limited Edition
  • Case/dial: 40.5mm diameter, stainless steel case, AMg6 (aluminium-magnesium alloy) dial
  • Water resistance: 50m (5 bar)
  • Movement: Raketa calibre 2624, automatic, 24 jewels
  • Frequency: 18,000 vph (2.5 Hz)
  • Power reserve: 40h
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds
  • Strap: Stainless steel bracelet or canvas strap with leather lining
  • Price/availability: €1,800 (approx. £1,580) (stainless steel bracelet), €1,700 (approx. £1,500) (canvas strap) or €2,300 (approx. £2,020) (gift set), limited to 500 pieces

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