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Orient Enters the UK Market for the First Time

Orient Star Contemporary Full Skeleton

There’s a new name in accessible Japanese watches making waves in the UK market and it’s not the one that first jumps to mind. Finally, after finding success across 40 other countries, Orient and Orient Star are finally available on our own shores and any fans of value-for-money watchmaking (which likely makes most of us) should be very excited.

For a little background, Orient was founded in Tokyo with a self-imposed mandate to produce quality, affordable timepieces with a certain Japanese flair. In 1950, they upped their game with Orient Star, which had the same values but catered to a slightly more exclusive audience, higher-end but still incredible value across the board. Today, Orient watches are still built in-house using traditional techniques while maintaining an astonishing degree of affordability.

Orient Star Diver 1964 2nd Edition

Between Orient and Orient Star, over the decades the brand has built a diverse offering of timepieces across their core Classic, Contemporary and Sports collections, encompassing dress timepieces, skeletons and rugged tool watches. Indeed, the range now launching in the UK includes 47 of their most popular models just to start, including some of their most recent launches such as the horologically-flavoured Orient Star Contemporary Skeleton and Orient Star Diver 1964 2nd Edition with its solid, professional-standard specs.

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