Oracle Recommends: Watches & Watch Accessories for July & August 2022

SDC Oceanrider, £425

SDC Oceanrider

SDC Watches launched their OceanRider collection at the tail end of last year with the aim of supporting marine conservation and expanding the ways watchmakers can make a difference. In that endeavour, they explored ways that they can upcycle waste materials from around the ocean to help create the OceanRider, which they achieved by becoming the first watchmaker to use upcycled wetsuits in their watch straps. The OceanRider itself is a stylish retro diver with 42mm steel case and 300m water resistance.

Available at SDC Watches.

Charlie Paris Concordia, £640

Charlie Paris Concordia

Charlie Paris’ Concordia is a stylish and accessible diver that oozes 60s retro diving watch charm. Specifically, the highly legible display with oversize round hour markers is inspired by the types of watches developed around the French Riviera in the 60s and associated with figures like the French explorer, Jacques Cousteau. Which makes sense for a modern French watchmaker like Charlie Paris. Inside, it houses the Soprod calibre P024. €745 (approx. £640)

Available at Charlie Paris.

Pompeak Sub-Aquatic, £625

Pompeak Sub-Aquatic

The Pompeak Sub-Aquatic was designed in collaboration with the brand’s customers who were able to advise on key elements of the watch. As a result, the Sub-Aquatic a charming retro diver with a robust design water resistant to 200m with a broad diving bezel and gradient dial. Inside, it houses the Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement, which is the first Swiss movement Pompeak have used, showing an overall increase in quality.

Available at Pompeak.

96Zero Field

96Zero Field

It’s easy to forget that behind the attractive style of military inspired watches, their purpose relates to the worst tragedies on the planet. Commemoration of wars is important so that we learn their lessons. That’s the emphasis behind 96 Zero’s characterful field watch, which pays homage to code breakers in WWII by interspersing the hour numerals with letters. It’s a fun design, enhanced by a compass bezel and bright red minute and second hands. It’s powered by the Miyota 9015 automatic movement.

Available from July 15th at 96Zero.

Ettinger Single & Triple Watch Rolls, £270-£395

Ettinger Single And Triple Watch Rolls

Following from the success of their double watch rolls, Ettinger have expanded the range to include new single and triple watch rolls. Each roll is ideal for watch transportation or display with suede lining and Capra goat leather exteriors. There are five colours available at each size: black, tan, blue, forest green and Bordeaux. Additionally, the rolls can be further personalised with the addition of up to five initials on the exterior. An ideal gift for yourself or a fellow watch lover. Single £270, Triple, £395.

Available at Ettinger.

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