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Oracle Recommends: Watch Accessories for October 2023

Chrome Calibre Retro Bot Watch Winder, €2,500 (approx. £2,150)

Chrome Calibre Retro Bot Watch Winder

On a functional level watch winders are a great way to make sure your automatic collection is always ready to wear at a moment’s notice. But just as equally, watch winders can make for the ideal display cases, as shown by the Chrome Calibre Retro Bot which is shaped like a tin robot from the mid-1900s. The technology inside is provided by SwissKubik with Bluetooth connectivity that allows the rotation to be customised based on number of rotations per day and direction.

Available at Chrome Calibre.

Jean Rousseau Nubuck Alligator, £455

Jean Rousseau Nubuck Alligator,

Nubuck is a type of leather finish most commonly seen on bovine leathers that uses buffing to create a velvet-like texture. However, Jean Rousseau have developed their own original way to produce a similar velvet texture on alligator leather, creating the Nubuck Alligator strap. Visually it’s stunning, carrying a richness of colour and texture, particularly as the finish is so rare on exotics. Alligator is often reserved for refined occasions, such as soirées, but the Nubuck finish also helps the strap to be water- repellent, meaning it’s more adventurous than may first appear.

Available at Jean Rousseau.

Forstner Bands Komfit, $125 (approx. £100)

Forstner Bands

Everyone knows that the Omega Speedmaster is the iconic space watch, but are you familiar with the most iconic space watch strap? The Forstner Komfit is one of the only steel watch bracelets in history to have been approved by NASA for manned space flights and has even been to the moon. It has a two-layered construction and front facing clasp that make it easy and comfortable to use. Plus, it was one of the first bracelets to feature micro-incremental adjustments, allowing it to be sized properly without the need for additional tools.

Available at Forstner Bands.

Horology Wrists MoonSwatch Straps, £35-£55

Horology Wrists MoonSwatch Straps

Horology Wrists produce a range of straps dedicated to the headline grabbing Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch. Considering how colourful and diverse the MoonSwatches are, the Horology Wrists straps are correspondingly eccentric and exciting. A beige strap to match the Jupiter, a burgundy for the Pluto and a sporty red and white number for the Mars are just three examples in a collection of 30+ designs. There’s also a mixture of materials available with versions in sporty rubber or military style nylon.

Available at Horology Wrists.

Ettinger Capra Double Watch Roll, £320

Ettinger Capra Double Watch Roll

The Capra Double Watch Roll from Ettinger is designed to keep up to two watches safe on your travels with a robust goat leather exterior and soft suede lining. This Bordeaux version is a rich wine red although other colours are available too, such as marine, forest and tan. The roll is kept securely fastened with a silver popper featuring the Ettinger monogram on an extendable strap that accommodates for larger timepieces. Plus, add a personal touch by adding up to five initials.

Available at Ettinger.

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