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Oracle Recommends: Watches for October 2023

Stirling Fraser, £350

Stirling Fraser

If you want to talk military field watches, you can’t get more authentic than Stirling, a brand owned and operated by a serving British Army soldier with the aim of creating the ideal watches for service people on the front lines as well as civilians back home. The Fraser is its military diving watch with 300m water resistance and a robust stainless steel case measuring 42mm in diameter. Powering the piece is a quartz movement due to the practical necessity of the extremely high accuracy quartz offers.

Available at Stirling.

Batavi Atelier, €479 (early bird price) or €578 (standard price)

Batavi Atelier

Sports watches and guilloché style dials might seem like unlikely bedfellows yet the Batavi Atelier proves that they work together surprisingly well. The 39mm stainless steel case has a field watch-esque aesthetic that provides a nice contrast to the intricate patterning of the vibrant fish scale dial.

There are multiple colourways available including dark black/purple, blue and a grey/beige tone. Powering the piece is the Miyota calibre 9039 with 44-hour power reserve which combined with the case and dial means that this is a lot of watch for the money.

Available at Batavi.

Kienzle Poseidon, €198 (approx. £160)

Kienzle Poseidon

The Kienzle Poseidon is designed to be a bold dive watch that stands out on the wrist while having a highly legible display. It achieves that with a 44.5mm diameter in rose gold-plated stainless steel case with 150m water resistance. The display features oversize hour markers with plenty of lume for low light legibility, there’s also a date window at 4 o’clock. It’s presented on a silicone strap for optimal comfort and safety underwater and houses the Japanese Miyota 2415 quartz.

Available at Kienzle.

BWG Bavarian Watch Isaria, €555 (approx. £490) for first 50 buyers, €1,555 (approx £1,375) standard price

BWG Bavarian Watch Isaria

BWG Bavarian Watch are a German watch brand that create watches inspired by the dual personality of Baveria. On the one hand you have soaring castles and on the other, you have the bustling, modern city of Munich. As such, BWG watches tread a line between luxurious design and practical utility, which is exemplified in the Isaria model with its 42.2mm case with 200m water resistance and bold design. The name and colourway options come from the river Isar, which flows through Munich.

Available at BWG.

Argos Watches Odyssey, PHP 17,999 (approx. £250)

Argos Watches Odyssey

Argos Watches are a young Filipino brand inspired by the concept that watches are meant to be lifelong companions. That’s why the brand itself and their flagship watch are named after one of the most popular stories in history, The Odyssey and Odysseus’ faithful dog Argos. They create utilitarian watches built to withstand the rigors of life. The Odyssey is a 38mm steel piece with a textured, quasi-sector dial in cream or blue, housing the Seiko NH35A automatic movement with a 41-hour power reserve.

Available at Argos Watches.

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