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Oracle Recommends: Watches for September 2023

Maven Watches MUS+, £270

Maven Watches MUS+

The MUS+, aka Maven Urban Scout+, is a modern take on traditional military field watches. It also happens to be Maven’s first automatic watch, housing a Miyota movement. The case is 40mm in diameter with a smooth and round design so that any bumps and knocks slide off rather than causing any damage; great for staying active. The dial is where Maven’s minimalist aesthetic and the MUS+’s tool watch utility meet, the typography being fairly understated while remaining highly legible at a glance.

Available at Maven Watches.

Argos Watches Odyssey, PHP 17,999 (approx. £250)

Argos Watches Odyssey

Argos Watches are a young Filipino brand inspired by the concept that watches are meant to be lifelong companions. That’s why the brand itself and their flagship watch are named after one of the most popular stories in history, The Odyssey and Odysseus’ faithful dog Argos. They create utilitarian watches built to withstand the rigors of life. The Odyssey is a 38mm steel piece with a textured, quasi-sector dial in cream or blue, housing the Seiko NH35A automatic movement with a 41-hour power reserve.

Available at Argos Watches.

Monbrey M1 Bracelet, £316

Monbrey MB1R0-L-02

Monbrey have launched a new bracelet for their successful MB1 wristwatch. The new bracelet, called the M1, is carefully crafted from brushed stainless steel with an H link design and angular facets that complement the angular style of the MB1 for a harmonious design. It features a quick-release system for easy changes and is equipped with a micro-adjustment buckle to ensure an optimal fit and comfort. The M1 will be available from October via the Monbrey website.

Available at Monbrey.

BWG Bavarian Watch Isaria, €555 for first 50 buyers, €1,555 standard price (approx. £490/£1,375)

BWG Bavarian Watch Isaria

BWG Bavarian Watch are a German watch brand that create watches inspired by the dual personality of Baveria. On the one hand you have soaring castles and on the other, you have the bustling, modern city of Munich. As such, BWG watches tread a line between luxurious design and practical utility, which is exemplified in the Isaria model with its 42.2mm case with 200m water resistance and bold design. The name and colourway options come from the river Isar, which flows through Munich.

Available at BWG.

Nezumi Aviera GMT, 3,680 – 4,480 SEK (approx. £265 – £323)

Nezumi Aviera GMT

Nezumi’s fleet of cool tool watches skirt around the edges of classic Nordic style to create something fresh, the dream of founder and designer David Campo. Which is to say they combine aspects of retro styling and modern utility without straying into typical Scandinavian minimalism. Take the Aviera GMT for example, it has a robust 40mm diameter case in brushed stainless steel with 200m water resistance and a supremely legible three/six/nine/12 dial in high contrast colourways of blue or black. The Aviera will also soon be available on an additional trio of strap and bracelet options bring the total options to five.

Available at Nezumi Studios.

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