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Oracle Recommends: Watches for March 2023

Axia Time Sofia II, $795 (approx. £650)

Axia Time Sofia II

The Sofia II from Axia Time walks the thin aesthetic line between elegant and sporty, proving that titanium works just as well on a more classical watch as it does on an adventure-ready field watch. The tiered blue or black dial is understated, but with lume-filled indexes and a colour-matched date wheel, plus a circular brushed finish, it shines in the details. It houses the Sellita SW360 Elaboré movement with 42-hour power reserve. It’s also offered on a pair of straps, alligator or NATO.

Available at Axia Time.

Schaumburg Gnomonik Black & White & Red, €978.99 (approx. £870)

Schaumburg Gnomonik Black White and Red

Schaumburg’s absolutely insane masterpieces, from collections like the Gnomonik and others, are what make headlines for the brand, exploring individual watchmaking concepts distilled to their purest form. The Gnomonik is a single-hand watch with a pitch-black dial, a vibrant red hand and white numerals and scales. It references heritage clockmaking in which it was common for timepieces to have a single hand, but gives the concept a modern twist through a limited colour palette and minimalist aesthetic, showcasing a completely other side to the brand that’s really attractive.

Available at Schaumburg.

MÖELS & CO. 528, £946

Moels and Co 528 heavenly blue

The Möels & Co. 528 is an award-winning watch for good reason. Designed by 21-year-old Betina Menescal, it features an unusual TV-shaped case design in stainless steel with an asymmetrical display inspired by the golden ratio. It rides the line between dress and sports watch thanks to its refined aesthetic, influenced by mid-century design and surprisingly robust 100m water resistance and large 45mm x 33mm proportions. Ultimately, that makes it ideal for virtually all occasions. It’s powered by the Sellita SW200-1 movement.

Available at Moels & Co.

Wolkov W22 Onyx, $950 (approx. £790)

Wolkov W22 Onyx

Wolkov is a brand that first made a name for itself in 2018 with its revolutionary modular, snapping lug design that made it easier than ever to change your watch strap on a whim. The W22 follows this principle and is available in three colourways, this is the Onyx variant. The concept behind the W22 was to create a striking and unique shape that stands out from competitors. Hence, the highly original oval case in high gloss stainless steel and the distinctive dial display that has a central hour scale and peripheral minute track.

Available at Wolkov.

Day & Night The Djoser, $179 (approx. £145)

Day and Night The Djoser

Day & Night’s collection of watches bear the names of iconic pharaohs and kings from history such as Xerxes, Thutmoses and Djoser, inspired by their dramatic impact on global history. The watches feel similarly impactful. The Djoser, with its 42mm rose gold coloured stainless steel case and bold octagonal bezel draws on a similar design language to iconic heritage watch designs from brands like Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe, while maintaining a far more accessible price point. Plus, the combination of rich blue and gold across the dial is particularly striking, backed by a practical Miyota quartz movement.

Available at Day & Night Watches.

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