Oracle Recommends: Style Products for September 2023

Lyzadie Design Dance of Geometry, NZD 600-1,100 (approx. £280- £510)

Lyzadie Design Dance of Geometry

The Dance of Geometry series by Lyzadie Design is an homage to the oxymoron of stone in that it’s a solid material with a natural flow to it. That element is captured in the repeated geometric shapes of the candelabra that work in cohesion and against the natural properties of the andesite. Lyzadie Design is a New Zealand based interior design specialist working with local materials and embracing traditional style with contemporary twists.

Available at Lyzadie Design.

Roderer James Aviator, $135 (approx. £105)

Roderer James Aviator

Polarised Sunglasses Roderer is a menswear specialist focusing on high quality essentials for the modern man. These are the James Aviator Polarised Sunglasses which are handcrafted from stainless steel in the classic aviator style which suits occasions of all types from formal to casual. There are five different finishes available including silver, gunmetal, green, rose gold and black, allowing for plenty of choice when it comes to perfecting your personal style. Additionally, it comes with a leather style case, travel pouch and cleaning cloth.

Available at Roderer.

Lebarde Pine Tree Balm

Lebarde Pine Tree Balm

Lebarde are a natural cosmetics company inspired by the Colchis region of Georgia, which has traditions of cosmetic production dating back all the way to ancient myths. The primary ingredients of their Pine Tree Balm are inspired by the natural environments and resources of the Caucasus mountains. Its combination of vitamins alongside natural compounds provide protective and rejuvenation properties.

Coming soon at Lebarde.

&SONS Navy Prospector Jacket, £295

&sons Prospector Jacket Navy

The &SONS Prospector Jacket Navy is a durable canvas jacket designed for year-round wear. There’s a soft wool-mix liner that is removable so that the garment can keep you warm in autumn, while remaining cool in the spring. In fact, the lining is also wearable on its own as a cardigan. This aspect of the jacket is inspired by vintage canvas jackets that traditionally featured blanket linings, while also bringing a modern versatility to the concept.

Available at &SONS.

Skydiamond Ring

Skydiamond Ring

When you first read about Skydiamond it sounds like science fiction. They’re an ethical jewellery brand that fabricate their own diamonds by taking harmful CO2 out of the atmosphere and using the carbon to make diamond. What’s more, by using solar and wind energy to power the intense processes required, the diamonds are ultimately carbon negative as no fossil fuels are used in their production and they remove carbon from the atmosphere. The diamonds are available individually or as part of jewellery such as this Skydiamond Ring. Prices vary based on custom choice of gem cut, setting and ring material.

Available at Skydiamond.

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