&SONS Create Stylish Clothing for the Everyday Adventurer

&Sons Founded by Phil James

In the watch industry, we often find ourselves obsessing over such small details that it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Sure, a watch can have 1,000m water resistance but how often will that be useful in day-to-day life? Having an elegant dress watch is important but you’ll wear it far less than your everyday beater. Which means that in many regards, your everyday wear is the most important watch in your collection. &SONS take the same approach to your wardrobe, focusing on the everyday essentials of men’s style.

&SONS was founded in 2014 by Phil James, a photographer best known for his work with urban landscapes, capturing the beauty of abandoned buildings and vintage structures. It was in an abandoned warehouse that he saw a faded sign that was weathered to such an extent that it simply read “& Sons” and the inspiration for his clothing line was found.

&Sons Prospector Jacket Navy

&SONS Prospector Jacket Navy, £295

The clothes themselves are designed with working professionals in mind, those individuals who frequently explore the outdoors on a daily basis. There garments are warm, rugged and designed with extra stretch so they don’t have the restrictions of traditional workwear. Special consideration is also made to the various layers that create an outfit, from shirts to jackets to coats, as well as the specific purpose behind each design element.

For example, the &SONS Prospector Jacket Navy (£295), is a durable canvas jacket designed for year-round wear. There’s a soft wool-mix liner that is removable so that the garment can keep you warm in autumn while being cool in the spring. In fact, the lining is also wearable on its own as a cardigan. This aspect of the jacket is inspired by vintage canvas jackets that traditionally featured blanket linings while also bringing a modern versatility to the concept.

&Sons Virgil Chino Army Green

&SONS Virgil Chino Army Green, £120

Of course, with a jacket you’ll also need some trousers and an &SONS staple is the Virgil Chino (£120), available in multiple colours including this army green. They’ve been styled after traditional 1950s style chinos but are made from thicker, hardier cotton, making them suitable for more strenuous wear. Plus, the pockets are angled for easier access for storing photography equipment, carpentry tools or whatever activity you’re pursuing. The colour is obviously inspired by 1940s army fatigues.

&Sons Getaway bag

&SONS Getaway bag, £199

In addition to clothing, &SONS also produce a range of accessories including scarves, bags, flasks and more. The Getaway bag (£199), is the ultimate all-purpose travel companion, inspired by a vintage bag Phil once discovered that had been around the world and back. It has a 34L capacity and measures 52cm x 30cm x 22cm, useful for international travel, tools or even the gym. It’s made from wax cotton canvas with a cotton lining and leather, rope-filled handles.

Between the vintage styling and modern materials, &SONS really excel at capturing the best qualities of their clothing and accessories. If you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe essentials or prepare yourself for a new adventure, you know where to look.

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