Omega Reissues First Ever Wrist-Chronograph with 18”’CHRO

Omega Wrist Chronograph Limited Edition 18”’ CHRO

Reissues are becoming almost too painful to talk about; the only thing stopping the constant flow of ‘vintage-inspired’ watches crossing that line is Omega’s FOWC – the First Omega Wrist Chronograph Reissue.

Omega Wrist Chronograph Limited Edition 18”’ CHRO

The large, antique-looking piece is most defiantly vintage-inspired. The case is too clean and new to have the actual patina of age, but it’s as close as you can get without all that artificial ageing. It’s a massive 47.5mm, more like someone just put a strap on a pocket watch, which is what the original would have been.

Omega Wrist Chronograph Limited Edition 18”’ CHRO

There are touches of modernity of course. The crown is made from Omega’s own, intensely red Sedna gold against the white gold case, as is the mono-pusher at 6 o’clock. All in all, it’s a lovely piece and certainly more interesting than most reissues. But that’s not what makes is really special.

Omega Wrist Chronograph Limited Edition 18”’ CHRO

Inside isn’t some new Co-Axial movement, some silicon-laced substrate of watchmaking that Omega normally use today. Instead, it’s a beautifully-restored original movement. Let that sink in. This is a movement from the early 1920s and it’s stunning.

Omega Wrist Chronograph Limited Edition 18”’ CHRO

Needless to say, they’re a rarity. The FOWC is limited to just 18 examples and priced at an understandable but not accessible CHF 120,000 (£91,500) and we’re guessing most have already been sold.

Let’s just hope the next vintage reissue is half as interesting.

Price & Specs:

    • Model name: Omega Wrist-Chronograph Limited Edition 18”’ CHRO (ref. 516.
    • Dial/Case: 47.5mm diameter, 18k white gold case with 18k Sedna red gold crown and mono-pusher
    • Movement: Omega Calibre 3018
      Water resistance: 30m
    • Power reserve: 40h
    • Price: CHF 120,000

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